Keepin’ it real.

I swore there was another sleeve of diapers around here somewhere, but I knew we were getting low. So yesterday I ordered from and bless them for their one day shipping, because it turns out we DO NOT have any more diapers. Yes, you read that right. Lack of diapers in the house = […]

Twins travel to Goa India

India Trip Part 3 of…

We spent the first week of our trip to India in Goa hanging out at a resort, laying in the sunshine, playing cards or just lounging around watching the Olympics. Oh, except for the food poisoning and resulting toilet hugging – yeah, that part wasn’t fun. Almost my entire family (mother’s side) gathered at the […]

For the Grandmothers

I took the boys to the playground again on Friday and, of course, couldn’t resist taking photos of their cuteness running around. And since I took so many pics, I just had to share them, if only for the boys’ Omi and Nana :) It’s crazy how just a week or so has changed the […]


Well, that’s it. We pulled the ripcord today and gave notice to our nanny. I’ll be giving notice next Friday and coming home full time, unless by some miracle someone offers me a job that either pays more or has better hours. I’ve been on the hunt since January and though there were a few […]

Book Worms

I grew up immersed in books. Even now as an adult I could (and want) to read all day, every day, and know I’d never be bored. It’s something I really thank my parents for, because I know not every child grows up to love literature. E, for example, was surely given a lot of […]

SAHM vs. Career Woman

I’m staring down the barrel of a gun regarding my job. We’ve reached the end of the road, the end of the line. I have to give notice no later than next week because my company can’t afford to pay me more, and we can’t afford for them not to; I am no longer a […]


We are slowly moving into the world of self-feeding and have actually made progress. I NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WOULD COME. First, working on them holding their own bottles: So far, so good, although, we can only manage the first bottle of the day when they’re still calm and really hungry… Second (and yes, we’re […]

Trip to India

My Nana (mum’s mum) is turning 80 years old this July and the planned happy occasion has completely snowballed into a family reunion. The last time the entire family (mum’s side) got together was at my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary – I was still in high school then if that give you any inclination of […]