Thankful for a great trip so far

We attempted our first big road trip with the boys this past weekend going from Virginia to Florida for Thanksgiving. 14 hour drive with two toddlers in the back? Yes, we have something to be very grateful for – we survived. Last year was the first year E and I spent Thanksgiving away from his […]

Amazing Spiced Pumpkin Soup Recipe for Fall | hellohappyface.com

Pumpkin Soup Recipe

I randomly experiment while cooking; I throw spices in dishes willy-nilly until I think they’re finished, and sometimes it ends in taste bud disaster. Sometimes, however, my method of madness works decently well. Like earlier this week, when I finally turned all of our pumpkin guts from Halloween into this pumpkin soup, perfect for the chilly fall […]



Yes, today is Election Day and we’re pumped up and hopeful in this household. However, in complete and utter honesty, I have never voted before. Before you get all judgy on me, please keep in mind that the two previous states I lived in were RED, RED, and more RED (Texas and Georgia), so I […]


Halloween-y things

We are atrocious, horrible, mean parents (or just no fun) because somehow Halloween snuck up on us really quickly this year and we did not make or buy the boys’ costumes. Oh, the horror. We swear we wanted to, and even had a cute idea (thought up by our awesome friend Amanda) to dress them […]


Maps, ModPodge, and more paint

It’s no fun being stuck inside for almost 48 hours straight with the boys, but we did pretty well yesterday and managed to stay entertained and sane while Sandy blew over. Because of the storm, E had yesterday and today off work, so it felt like an extended weekend where my usual daily schedule is […]

Hello Happy Face Blog Twins Playdoh and Pumpkins Hurricane Sandy

Playdoh and Pumpkins

While Hurricane Sandy rages on outside, we decided to spice up our evening (and stave off cabin fever) with a little play dough and pumpkin goodness. And as a quick update for all our friends and family, we’re still doing ok – no flooding, no trees down around the house, and still have power, though it […]

Slap a coat of paint on it

This is a story all about how my life got twisted upside down… wait, I think that’s someone else’s line. This right here is a story all about how one very strangely painted armoire E picked up in college transformed into an uber-awesome (in my opinion) piece with just a coat (or two) of paint. […]

Check yourself (before you wreck yo self)

Ice Cube anyone? Anyway… we had a crazy busy and productive weekend and I have LOTS to share – including a complete overhaul of our “pantry” – but since it’s chaos as usual, I haven’t uploaded the photos yet. In the meantime, I wanted to share this article I saw on Livestrong’s website about things […]