Hi, I’m Kai. I love books, blogs, tea, coffee, airports, hot sauce, boots, jeans, staying up late, sleeping in, sweet design, and little adventures.

I generally used to look like this (on a good day):

Kai in NYC

Oh, and for your reference, I looked more like this back in college (the piercing was temporary…):

Kai Mardi Gras 2009

Now this is how my pictures look and I think it’s a vast improvement (two ridiculously cute factors to consider, I know):

Family Picture 10.27.13

Those would be my crazy, amazing twin boys, Oliver and Eli:

They were born two months premature and rocketed through the NICU milestones to prove how awesome they are. Their middle names are Henry and Harper (if you’re interested) and they are COMPLETELY different from one another.



2012 was a really hard year. For a lot of reasons, the hardest being that my amazing dad passed away. I still miss him daily.

2013 was not any easier, but for a much different reason – I separated from my husband in January, seriously considering all factors, the biggest of all being that I knew the boys and I would be better off on our own. I also started a new job to support myself, and dealt with the crushing blows the process of divorce was throwing my way, while keeping it together for the boys. If you were to dig through the archives of this blog (at one time named Hello, Happy Face), you’d see no mention of any hardship or problems. I became skilled at glossing over situations with over-enthusiasm, and keeping issues behind closed doors. I want to be a lot more candid going forward, and certainly more true to my narrative style.

2014 saw the divorce happen, and while I breathed a big sigh of relief, things were still strained as we all found new footing. And now we’ve reached 2015. This year I feel steadier – have changed to a job I love, the boys are in a better school, we love our home, and I feel like I’m back to being myself. Actually, an even better version of myself than I was before.

I’ve come to the conclusion that life really is what you make of it. I have hands-down the best mum and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her. I also have a wonderful extended family and incredible friends and I’m so very lucky to have them all. And for myself, my family and my friends, I will make a determined effort to add joy to each day, no matter whether good, bad or horrible things may be happening otherwise.

I want my boys to grow up in a household that is fun-loving and happy. A place where they can romp around and learn to enjoy life, even when things are tough (or especially when things are tough). It’s silly to hope that every day will be easy, because you don’t grow if you don’t have to work for something (and tantrums happen around here whether I like it or not. The boys have them too sometimes…). But this will be a reminder for me to keep trying. Basically keep being who I am and raising the boys to be good men. The rest will fall into place.

Life changes rapidly and I do my best to keep up. I may not always come to the end of the day smiling, but not a day goes by that I don’t laugh.

All this is to say you should pull up a chair and raise your cup of tea/coffee/cider/sangria/whateverticklesyourfancy in a toast to the amazing chaos that is life.



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