Apples galore

The boys were with E on Saturday and part of Sunday, but he didn’t stay for the long weekend, so we had an extra day to go on a little adventure in the hills.


It’s definitely hit Fall around here, and the drive up to Delaplane is creeping up to the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, covered in red, yellow, and orange trees. This is the second year we’ve gone to Hollin Farms – last year was overcast, drizzly, and cold, but we still had such a blast that it became something I want to turn into an annual tradition. Today was sweltering in comparison, but we still had a great breeze, and a larger selection┬áthan I remember having before.

Apple-Picking-2015-2-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-4-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-5-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-6-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-7-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-8-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-9-WEB

The boys actually remembered going last year, so were pumped about gathering as many apples as possible for school lunches, apple sauce, and most likely an apple pie or two…

Apple-Picking-2015-10-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-11-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-12-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-13-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-14-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-15-WEB

Apparently trying to balance a heavy sack full of apples against your 38 lb frame takes a lot of work.

Hollin Farms also has a huge pumpkin patch, but I feel like I always end up wasting the pumpkins, so we skipped it for now. They also have a vegetable patch, and dig your own potato and peanut spots, so we ran around in there for a while, gathering nothing but sunshine and chasing butterflies.

Apple-Picking-2015-16-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-19-WEBApple-Picking-2015-17-WEBApple-Picking-2015-20-WEBApple-Picking-2015-18-WEBApple-Picking-2015-21-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-22-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-23-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-24-WEB

And of course we couldn’t leave without a few rounds of apple cider (and a jug’s worth to take home). We do “cheers” at home during dinner quite often, so this happened…

Apple-Picking-2015-25-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-26-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-27-WEB Apple-Picking-2015-28-WEB

Far cry from the sweaters, boots, hats, and… ice cream… we had at the end of the trip last year. And it’s interesting how this year really feels like we’re hitting our stride. We’re creating our new awesome little family traditions, going off on adventures big and small, pushing each others buttons before the immediate hugging aftermath, and I love it.

So thank you Columbus for getting lost, winding up here, and having a day off created in your name. Worked out really well for us.


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