Hello Happy Face twin boys blog

A HUGE Thank You

I would like to start off today saying thank you to everyone who stops by and reads a post, or two, or just does a drive-by for the pictures. Why am I so thankful this close to, yet after, Thanksgiving?

My blog stats tell me that in the month of September, I received 1,020 views, In October I received 919 and in November I received a whopping (to me) 1,043 views.

I am shocked, stunned, somebody-pour-a-bucket-of-water-on-my-head in disbelief and so very humbled. I started this blog to keep friends and family updated on the boys, and to spout out things I randomly think about, love or create. However, this is weird proof that people other than my family read the blog. I know my numbers are peanuts compared to the big blogs I love and follow, but I’m truly honored.

Really, thank you all so much for coming by and I hope you’ll stay tuned.

Hello Happy Face twin boys blog

Yours in fun and chaos,


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