Thankful for a great trip so far

We attempted our first big road trip with the boys this past weekend going from Virginia to Florida for Thanksgiving. 14 hour drive with two toddlers in the back? Yes, we have something to be very grateful for – we survived.

Last year was the first year E and I spent Thanksgiving away from his family since we started dating and it was only due to the fact that a 14 hour trip with 6 month old twins seemed completely impossible.

This year, after braving our first transatlantic flight with them to India this summer, we thought we could survive the drive. FYI, we live just outside DC and E’s parents live in Cocoa Beach, FL.

Yeah. Long. Drive.

We decided to leave DC at 8pm Friday night after bathing the boys and putting them into pj’s. Instead of then putting them to sleep in their cribs, they went straight into their car seats and we took off into the night – the idea being that the boys would just sleep in their seats through the night and we would only have to deal with a few hours drive with them awake in the morning.

Thankfully I’m a good night driver, so was confident we could pull this off. But, as any sleep-deprived mom can attest, it’s almost impossible to stay awake and focused if you haven’t had a full night of sleep in at least a week. I made it through VA, through NC, through most of SC, and then couldn’t see straight anymore. E, who had been napping on and off drank a 5 hour energy shot and took over. He drove three hours to just outside the FL border, where I took over once again as the sun came up to get us the rest of the way down.

You may ask whether the plan worked (regarding the boys sleeping) and I’d say they did pretty damn well. Sure, they didn’t sleep as well or as long as they would in their cribs at home, but we rigged an iPad stand out of the front cover of an old binder and a bungee cord around the middle headrest to keep them entertained the few times they did wake. I’ll say right now that the Winnie the Pooh movie saved our asses from dealing with complete meltdowns in the car. However, I would absolutely do it again this way and in fact plan to for the drive home. Trying to do that drive during the day would be much more disastrous. Eli does really well riding in the car for long periods of time, but Oliver gets antsy after about 15 minutes unless he’s sleeping. No way would they have slept as long or been as cooperative strapped in for an extended period if we drove during daylight hours.

But enough about the drive. I have my Canon with me and am filling the card with plenty of photos to share when I get home. For now, I just wanted to show a smattering of our week via our Instagram photos…

Just after we arrived, the boys loved the sunshine and we loved the view.

First time having corn on the cob. Big fans.

Real Cuban sandwiches. I’m hungry again.



We went to Brevard Zoo and fed the birds.


Mahi Reuben. Sounds crazy, I know, but it was so good.




Oliver with Grampy.




Eli with Omi.



E took this pic on the beach and I figured I would add it here to prove I was actually on the trip.


The boys also got to feed giraffes at the zoo, which was a major highlight for them.





I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I wish you all a fantastic weekend full of leftover turkey sandwiches. We’re headed over to E’s grandparents house this afternoon, and I think the boys have no idea how spoiled with attention they’re going to be today.

Penny for your thoughts?