Yes, today is Election Day and we’re pumped up and hopeful in this household. However, in complete and utter honesty, I have never voted before. Before you get all judgy on me, please keep in mind that the two previous states I lived in were RED, RED, and more RED (Texas and Georgia), so I never felt like my vote was worth much. I know that’s a stupid reason, but hey, it’s how I felt.

Now we live in the swing state of Virginia, where I know every single voice counts. I’ve never been huge into politics, but this election, and the opposition (if you will), is so scary that I am going to make damn sure I do everything I can to help Obama get re-elected. Since I’m finally put my voting rights to use today, I just wanted to quickly say I hope EVERYONE is getting out there and voting. Don’t be an idiot like me and not vote, because it makes a difference.

Oh, and the boys wanted to model their voting outfits for you guys.

Not a scrap of red seen here. Let’s hope the same is true for the country come this evening.

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