Halloween-y things

We are atrocious, horrible, mean parents (or just no fun) because somehow Halloween snuck up on us really quickly this year and we did not make or buy the boys’ costumes. Oh, the horror.

We swear we wanted to, and even had a cute idea (thought up by our awesome friend Amanda) to dress them as King Kong and Godzilla, since we affectionately refer to them as Monkey and Monster. But… it didn’t happen. Mostly due to our laziness, somewhat due to the fact that they’re not even two yet and have no idea that this day is any different, and we weren’t taking them trick-or-treating anyway so what in the world would be the point. However, the costume idea is still a favorite, so we might keep it up our sleeves for next year.

Instead, Halloween evening I took them on a long walk over to Shirlington where Pilot ran around at the dog park and the boys ran around at the playground. I ran around after all of them.

Amanda, who met up with me that evening for coffee said that they looked like little hipsters with their plaid flannel shirts and checkered Vans, and I thought the hood and knit hat made them look like gnomes, so I’m just going to just say they went as hipster gnomes for Halloween this year.

When we got home, E had finished carving our three remaining pumpkins and set them out on the stoop, so we decided to take another Halloween family photograph, just like this one we took last year (don’t the boys look tiny?!):

I may have gotten worse at juggling a camera on a tripod, at night, with lit pumpkins, a porch light, zero ambient light, and two little kids who can’t sit still for a shutter speed less than 80, but we had fun trying to hold it together long enough for the timer to count down. For some reason, this picture just makes me smile:

Whether it was spooky, sweet or just another day, I hope your Halloween was wonderful and you’re looking forward to the next few holidays. I can’t wait to trade in pumpkins for leftover turkey sandwiches, hot chocolate and fun family gatherings.

(ps) We were very, very lucky during Sandy and thankfully didn’t lose power or sustain damage, but I just want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with all of those who are suffering in the aftermath, as well as those who may not live in the area¬†anymore, but saw their hometowns devastated. I can’t imagine how hard it is.

(pps) I’m quite overdue for the boys’ 17 month letter, but I wanted to say that I did take their monthly picture on time and here it is:

As you can see, I’m trying another style of editing them. You can see the previous months here.

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