Slap a coat of paint on it

This is a story all about how my life got twisted upside down… wait, I think that’s someone else’s line.

This right here is a story all about how one very strangely painted armoire E picked up in college transformed into an uber-awesome (in my opinion) piece with just a coat (or two) of paint.

We started with this piece of fake-Spanish awesomeness, with sponge texture and fake molding on the doors:

E started with a metallic paint called Shimmer from the Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection and sponged it over the hardware and all corners/hard lines. It gave the dark hardware a bit of glitz to stand out from the dark paint and he came back and lightly sanded the edges to ‘antique’ the piece a bit.

After that it was a coat – two actually, just to be safe – of Benjamin Moore’s Midnight Dream in Semi-Gloss:

(I initially wanted to paint the thing white, but after we tested it on the back… we realized that white on this armoire is… really white…).

The final piece? It looks spiffy:

So there you have it. One awesome little armoire (which we actually use as our pantry) all done up. I’m sure it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we are smitten. Every time I go to get a soup or tuna or rice or anything, really, I get a huge grin on my face. Strange how something so dark and moody can make you giddy.

Oh and the new prints on the wall are actually not new. They were a graduation present from my mum to E when we left SCAD and it has taken us this long to find frames we like and actually get them on the wall! They’re done by a local Savannah artist called Steve Shuman who sold his pieces at a local gallery I worked for in college.

The frames are from TJ Maxx and though they are square (and the art is rectangular) the mat covers the extra, while still allowing us to one day frame them whole if we should choose to do so.

And since we have two toddlers in the house who may soon decide that throwing balls (or trucks, or other objects) around is a fun thing to do, we secured them to the wall with Command velcro strips. Couple on the bottom of each frame and a nail at the top has these babies secure, safe and sound.

Next project on the list is a little wood bench I bought for the boys at our local NVPOM consignment sale a few weeks ago. I’ve done the prep work and bought the paint (a really fun teal/turquoise), just have to get on it!

Anyone else taking a paintbrush to their furniture? I assure you, this was not an insane, spur-of-the-moment thing; we thought about it and realized it was a small change we could do on an even smaller budget, to help make our rental feel more like “us” until we buy a house next year. And thankfully it worked out well :)

Penny for your thoughts?