A pumpkin-ing we will go!

Well I didn’t manage to get this out on Wednesday, mainly due to the fact that we haven’t had any sleep around this house the past four nights. The boys’ second-year molars seems to be making an early appearance (metaphorically speaking, since we can’t actually see them yet) and that’s in addition to their noses running like faucets and Oliver’s cough. We’re pretty much a zombie family this week, which I suppose is fitting for this spooky season!

Anyway, it took me long enough to edit the massive amount of photos we took down (how can I say no to over 500 cute photos of the boys??), but I managed somehow.

We went back to Belvedere Plantation this past weekend, just like we did last year. It’s actually the pumpkin patch that E went to as a child living in Fredericksburg and it’s such a blast. Last year the boys were only 5 months old, so we had them in our Baby Bjorn’s while out in the patch. You can see that whole adventure here.

This year, since they were actually able to get out and walk around, it was both twice as fun and twice as crazy. It turns out twin toddlers are pretty hard to contain in a wide open pumpkin patch! It was actually the exact reason we stopped by Wal-Mart on the way down and picked up those little backpack leashes for them. It’s something I dreaded doing, only because I never thought I’d have to use them, but with twins I don’t think have much of a choice. I mean sure, when we’re together we can each ‘take charge’ of one of them, it’s okay. But they have already reached that stage of ‘running’ (walking, crawling) in opposite directions and I can’t take that risk when I’m by myself with them, so this was a good test run. They wore them the entire time, but the ‘leashes’ came off after only a few minutes and ended up tucked in my back pocket since we were both around.

We had a turn through the petting zoo…

Then they had a blast in the toddler pit, which was basically like a ginormous sand box with toys and rocking horses…

E took them down the bumpy slide (and got stuck at the end both times!)…

And then we boarded the tractor-train-hay-ride-thing to the patch!

someone fell in love with the lion

someone else fell in love with the monkey :)

Last year we managed to carry a bunch of pumpkins even with the carriers strapped to our chests. At least that way the boys couldn’t get away and we had our hands free, whereas this year, E and I had to take turns going out from our little gathering spot where the boys were playing and bring back ones we liked.

Oliver decided that he could carry his own, but soon figured out it had to be his size :) and we found them each a little green one to paint or carve (we haven’t figured that out yet).

The boys had such a blast running around in the field. We had a few weeds end up in mouths and Eli tried to sit on top of a pumpkin that we then learned was rotten, resulting in a pumpkin-goop-covered bum. Didn’t seem to bother him!

When we finally narrowed it down to the seven (7!!!!) we wanted, I picked up both boys and carried them back to the tractors, while E hauled our great big orange globes.

Belvedere has this great deal where instead of paying for your pumpkins by the pound (which you can still opt to do, if you’d like), you can pay $28 flat for as many as you can carry. The rule is that you have to pile on the pumpkins and then either take three steps forward or hold still for three seconds. E is a total champ and has managed this feat every time we go. He picked up the heaviest in his arms and then the cashier and I piled on the rest of them and did a very quick 3 second count. The only one we missed (since he was hiding it) was Eli’s little one, which piled on a whopping $0.62 to the total.

The sun was setting by the time we got to the car, but we still managed to carry on our boys-in-the-wheelbarrow tradition…

Far cry from their photo last year, huh?!

In the wheelbarrow :)

Turned out a gorgeous, fun-filled day and I can’t wait to carve the pumpkins – that’s on the books for this weekend (maybe even tonight!).

Anyone else planning pumpkin related events this weekend? I think I want to attempt roasted the seeds again this year and maybe make pumpkin bread. I’m not a great cook, so if you have any ideas of what to do with all the pumpkin guts, I’d love to hear them!

Oh and I have to share our attempt at taking a family portrait… with a self-timer… while the camera sat on a pumpkin… and the boys tried to escape…

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