We lost a friend

This year has held so many problems and emotional events for us. Every time I think we’re getting back on track to being a happy-go-lucky family again, something happens to completely derail us.

As I mentioned in this Instagram photo, we decided to completely rearrange the living areas of our townhouse (entry, dining room, living room) on Saturday and planned to finish up Sunday so I could post updated photos this week.


Instead, Saturday evening turned tragic for us when we realized we hadn’t seen our cat, Max, in a while. After scoping all of his usual hiding places, we found him laying still in our downstairs closet. Our beloved Max passed away without warning, breaking our hearts.

He was the best cat anyone could have asked for. E got him as a kitten 8 years ago and basically raised him as you would a dog. Max was carried around, played with, never allowed to become the snobby cats we all know so well. He was E’s family long before myself or the boys ever came into the picture and he will always be the first “Little Man”.

Max had a way of just making you like him. Even my mum, who usually hates cats, liked him so much. He was friendly, loving, playful and gorgeous. He liked playing with the boys and they really loved playing with him too. Every time Max jumped into the playpen, they would get so excited and immediately drop whatever toy they were playing with to go pet him and rub their faces in his fur. He even tolerated their ‘petting’ and my voice saying, “gently, gently, boys, be gentle with Max” over and over. We also learned that he liked chasing their pull toys…

Max playing with the boys from Kai Saunders on Vimeo.

We miss him so much. No matter how much sadness I already felt after my dad passed in May, apparently there was still room for more. Or at least a fresh round of grieving came on strong. E has a hole in his heart where his best friend was. We’re just so sad.

Max, we love you, miss you and hope you’re running through fields of catnip now, chasing mice and lazing in the sun. You’ll always be in our hearts.

UPDATE: We just learned that E’s mum lost her lovely Theo today. He was another wonderful, beautiful pet that will be sorely missed by this family. I’m sure Max and Theo are playing together at Rainbow Bridge today. Or maybe they already in Heaven with those we’ve lost, watching over all of us, making sure we are safe and happy and full of love.


One thought on “We lost a friend

  1. Dearest All, So sad about Max! I loved him too, I always wanted to take him with me when I left your house. Your hearts will ache for a long time but it will get better……..someday you will smile when you think of him, someday.
    Love, Susan

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