Turns out we’re not moving

This past week (and much of the week before) has been chock full of (rental) house hunting. We fell in love with a house, found out our landlord decided not to sell this house, thought about staying, landlords found a new tenant, lost the other house, found another one, then finally decided we’d be better off staying another year, continuing to save and buying OUR OWN house next year.

So that’s where we’re at now. Staying here. We do love the house, despite the many issues we’ve had (it’s an older home, so they’re bound to happen), but it’s small. And we did it up in such a hurry when we moved in (since I was already 4 months preggo with the twins) that a lot of design decisions we made then we would love to undo. We hadn’t only because we figured we were going to move.

Now that we’ve decided to stay, we realize we’ll have to do a bit of work on this place to make it more enjoyable to live in through to next winter. Mostly it’s just clearing out clutter and a few larger pieces of furniture to make room for our growing boys, soon to be known as the running, tumbling, jumping terrors. ;)

I think E’s ginormous desk is going to go into our storage unit (or we’ll sell it), and our dining room bar may sit in its place (much less floor space and we plan to refinish it in the next few months).

We’re going to figure out how to toddler-proof a 1940’s townhouse (anyone know how to childproof floor radiators??) and release the boys from their “cage”.

I’m not going to lie and say I was super excited about staying; disappointment set in when we missed out on the first house and then again when we decided not to go for the second. However, that only lasted a day, because I know we’re working towards something even better: a place of our own that we can do up the way WE want, without having to worry about landlord rules.

It is hard only having 930 sq feet for two adults, two toddlers and two pets, but I know a lot of people have less than we do, so I’m grateful we have a roof over our heads, not to mention food on the table and clothes on our backs (and diapers on the boys, because as I found out recently, having no diapers sucks!).

At least over the next year I’ll have even more time to dream about our future home and find inspiration like this for it:


And E can dream about a future mancave that looks like this:


Or these:



Definitely like this:


Perhaps with something like this?:


In other news, Oliver learned how to take his diaper off…

Hello Happy Face Oliver twins diaper

And I sold a lot of the boys’ old gear at the NVPOM consignment sale… then proceeded to buy the boys’ entire fall/winter/spring wardrobe, including these favorite pieces:



And a bench for their future play table (which I plan on refinishing. Not a fan of the primary color patches.):


And then Eli reacted to a mosquito bite over his eye. Doctor said he overproduces histamine for bug bites, but is fine:


And we had lots of fun being silly in the house over the past couple drizzly days:







And I think that’s about it for catch-up news! Hopefully all of you out there in the interwebs had fun the past week. I have to get back to breaking down the boxes we already put together for the non-existent move and considering what colors we may go with if we decide to re-paint (what better way to freshen up an old space, right?).

Penny for your thoughts?