Sweaters in the sand

Well, summer may be almost gone, but the sand in our shoes is sticking around!

It’s amazing how in just two weeks, we can go from short-sleeve rompers to sweaters, jeans and socks. I’m super excited for Fall and all the pumpkin-picking-leaf-turning-apple-pie-eating-and-blanket-cuddling that comes with it.

I love cooler days and chilly nights, even though it means double the time getting the boys out the door each day, due to the triple amount of clothing layers! But they’re so cute in jeans and jackets, so it’s worth it :)

While out on my (almost) daily run yesterday, we wound up by our favorite local playground, so I tied up the dog, parked the double-wide (stroller, that is) and let the boys loose in the sand.











Excuse the iPhone-ness of the photos… forgot my Canon.

As usual, they had a blast and I had a fun time trying to keep sand and acorns out of their mouths. I caught all the acorns, but they both manage to lick their sandy hands. Probably made for a pretty gritty dinner.

At least they had something good to eat! I think I finally found the secret to making homemade chicken nuggets without coating in egg (Oliver’s allergic to eggs and dairy). Just a bit of flour, cornflake crumbs, basil flakes, a dusting of chili powder and pepper. Pan fried in a couple tablespoons of olive oil until lightly golden-brown.


The boys DEVOURED them! Served with elbow macaroni, peas, corn and carrots, they were totally happy campers.

Turned out to be a great day, in addition to being completely gorgeous weather outside.

Did I mention I love Fall? :)

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