For the Grandmothers

I took the boys to the playground again on Friday and, of course, couldn’t resist taking photos of their cuteness running around. And since I took so many pics, I just had to share them, if only for the boys’ Omi and Nana :)

It’s crazy how just a week or so has changed the way they play and get around. Oliver’s really, truly walking now and Eli is desperately trying to take his first steps.

They seem so much more confidant with the bigger kids running around, although there was a tense moment when two kindergarten kids were pushing each other and throwing toys and getting hysterical. Myself and another mum with a toddler very slowly moved our kids in the opposite direction, trying not to attract attention. Seems silly now since obviously we’re adults and could have told them to calm down or move away – guess I just felt like it wasn’t my place to tell off random kids (turns out their mum had a hard enough time doing it. All that counting down from 5 without any real discipline was driving me crazy! Though I’m sure I’ll have my own issues when its my kids throwing tantrums). The boys, however, thought it was the most fascinating thing they’ve ever seen!

They love the jungle-gym tunnels and spent more than half the time sitting in them!

I think this playground might become a weekly event, along with the drop-in story hours at the Arlington County libraries. I took them to one that morning, not realizing that the reading schedule doesn’t start until this week… oops! Oh well, they still had fun turning the pages of more books than they’ve ever seen and climbing on the kid-size chairs and tables. In fact, I think that will be my new project – thrift/build a play table for them and find cute/cheap little chairs. Should be fun!

Hope you all had a great weekend and I’ll be back soon with a few more catch-up posts from our India trip and other random things that happened over the summer.

2 thoughts on “For the Grandmothers

  1. Not babies anymore, are they? Growing up to be delightful little men. Miss all the hugs and cuddles!! Thank you for the pictures. Keep them coming.

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