A little ModPodge goes a long way

In my spare time today (the 10 minutes between washing dishes, cooking dinner and the boys waking up from their nap), I decided that this little ‘spare bits and bobs’ box that landed on our entryway table, needed an update.

The box originally came with the book Pat the Bunny and sat here since I unwrapped it back in May. The book is a total hit with the boys, but of course the box isn’t necessary. Instead of wasting a perfectly good shape, I decided that with a bit of ModPodge and a few magazine clippings, this box could be turned into a cute random-things-that-end-up-here tray.

Supplies: Box, clippings, ModPodge and a sponge brush. Yes, it’s that easy.

The process is extremely simple – cut out a bunch of magazine pages (newspaper or old book pages would have been cool too, but I wanted something colorful) and use ModPodge to both glue the paper down and seal it afterward.

I left it to dry for at least an hour after I finished.

I think if I had more time (ie the boys slept more than an hour per day), I would have tried fabric or perhaps cut pages out of a few ‘zines according to a color scheme or theme, but I still like how it turned out.

Max gives his stare of approval.

This was definitely a fun little project (and took very little time, which is key around here!) and I’m psyched that it cost exactly $F-R-E-E since I already had the box, magazines and ModPodge on hand! What do you think? Totally makes me want to start decoupaging everything in sight… but that might be a little overboard.

2 thoughts on “A little ModPodge goes a long way

  1. What a great idea! I need to put something by my door as a catch all – maybe I can transform a little box that’s just hanging around. Thanks for sharing.

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