15 Months

To my little men,

This month has been EPIC for you guys. Just three days after you turned 14 months, you were on your third ever flight and first across the Atlantic.

The trip to India was unbelievable and while yes, people thought we were crazy for even thinking about it, everything turned out better than expected. We did have a couple rough times and snags along the way, but those memories are already fading. All of the good times and the cute/funny/awesome things you both did stick out and those memories will last forever.

We went for Badda Nana’s 80th birthday and spun it into a two-week trip. I’ll tell you this – you two (and yes, us too) had to learn pretty quickly that a schedule does not always exist and you can’t always wait for your high chair to eat or your crib to sleep. There was a lot of eating on the go and sleeping on mattresses on the floor. If there weren’t a few incidents of one of you sliding partially off and sleeping lopsided, I’d almost say you were ready for toddler beds!

In fact, it’s amazing how totally toddler you guys are now. There’s lots of ‘cruising’ around the living room, more and more babbling everyday as well as a few oh-so-close-to-words sounds. You both love sitting and turning the pages of books and have started pointing at pictures and waiting for me to tell you what they are as well as practicing animal noises. Wooden letters and blocks are favorite toys as well and even though neither of you are walking yet, you both love pull toys (especially the little turtles we got in India) and squeal as soon as I start running them around the house.

Oliver, my monkey, you are one determined and motivated little boy. You are SO close to walking, it’s nuts! Just last week you started standing up on your own and since then have tested your confidence with random steps here and there. We’re working on little things like walking from he couch to ottoman or ottoman to fence, but your favorite is walking to myself or daddy – you take two or three quick steps and LAUNCH yourself giggling into our arms. You’re sweet and affectionate and love giving hugs and kisses. In fact, Nana even taught you how to blow kisses while in India and it’s one of your favorite things to do now. That and dance to “Wheels on the Bus”. So far, you have the motions down for the “wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish” and “people on the bus go up and down” and almost “doors on the bus go open and close”, but it generally just turns into clapping :)

You also now sounds out a bunch of letter sounds – d, b, g, p, s, f, m, n, l – and again seem so determined to talk. I swear you learned ‘down’ in India while singing Wheels on the Bus, but since you only said it one afternoon and I haven’t heard it since (though one day I thought you were saying ‘up’), I’m waiting for a little more continuity before calling your first word!

This is the first full month we’ve had since finding out about your food allergies, so it’s still an adjustment. The doc said it’s only milk and eggs, but (call it mother’s intuition) say the worst is actually bananas and as of last week, I think strawberries too. Thankfully they’re not life-threatening allergies and I’m crossing every appendage I have that you will grow out of all of them, especially since you love bananas and could devour an entire one in about 5 seconds flat!

Elimonster, you are so much fun and such a happy kid! You’ve seriously exploded in terms of mobility and get into everything now. Oliver can no longer take toys away from you, because you’re so quick to get them back. Just yesterday you were faster climbing up the stairs to the bath, even though you actually started two steps behind! We hear A LOT of babbling from you (I don’t think there’s ever even a ten minute chunk of silence when you’re awake) and while you don’t like working on letters, you definitely have developed your own language. You also learned to say this ‘wabwabwawva’ thing and you get super excited if we do it back to you. I swear your face says “THEY UNDERSTAND ME!”, except I have no idea what it’s supposed to mean. Sometimes I think it’s bottle, but other times I think it’s you saying wobble or sometimes it the sound you make when zooming cars across the floor, so again, I’m waiting until it gets a little more concrete to call it!

You are definitely still our little foodie and will try anything we put in front of you. This month you found out that limes are sour and jello isn’t great and spicy food means your tongue burns, which you were not happy about. But you also fell in love with cherries and papaya, so we’ll have to try to squeeze them into the fruit rotation more often. You are also still our champion sleeper and take naps and sleep through the night like your life depends on it (which I suppose it does!). You were so awesome while traveling and generally slept anywhere or through anything the entire trip.

Thankfully you also seem to have a champion immune system, since you’re the only one who didn’t get sick in India OR when we returned. Must be because you like picking fuzz off the carpet and chewing on it… what a way to build immunity!

I was thinking ahead to the next couple trips we have this year (Florida for Thanksgiving and hopefully Texas for Christmas) and it suddenly hit me that you both will probably be walking by then and may even have a few words! That’s completely and utterly insane and I have no idea what happened to the baby boys I used to have. There are truly two little men before me now and you’re growing up more each day.

This is definitely the best age (so far) and I have a feeling it’s just going to get better and better.

Love you both always,


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