We’re still recovering from the flights home from India last Friday and the almost 12 hour time difference. Though Saturday and Sunday nights saw us awake in the middle of the night, last night was the worst.

Yesterday (disregarding the fact that my day started at 4am) the boys and I did well and actually followed our normal daily schedule, including naps, so I was duped into thinking we were going to be back on US time today.

And then Oliver woke at 3:30am again this morning. However, unlike yesterday and the day before, he didn’t want to be awake. He was flinging himself around in the crib and wouldn’t calm down no matter what I tried. Orajel for his canines? Check. Hydrocortisone for the allergy rash he got on the plane home? Check. Almond milk? Check. Water? Check. Rocking/bouncing in my arms? Check (really gave me a workout!). Diaper change? Check. Seriously I tried everything. And the one time I got him asleep enough to leave the room, Eli rolled against the crib side and Oliver was up again.

This went on for TWO hours! I was so desperate not to break and take him out of the room and off schedule. But eventually I gave in. At 5:30 I figured if I was already awake and obviously not going back to sleep, I might as well get something out of it. I threw on my running shoes, pulled out the jogging stroller and strapped Oliver in.

He of course fell asleep five minutes out the door, but it was great for me. I actually got an hour run, which felt so good. It even drizzled rain as I circled back home, dampening the heat a bit and releasing some humidity. Only bad part? I got Oliver out of the stroller and upstairs ok, but Eli was awake and so as soon as I walked into their room, he started crying to get out, which woke Oliver right back up again.

So despite my valiant, desperate mom efforts, I started my day again today way too early. And on top of it all, the boys both have runny noses and I’ve got a sore throat. I’m really hoping we can get it together by tomorrow and shift back to normal (and keep colds at bay!).

In the few spare minutes salvaged over the past few days, I emptied photos from India off one SD card, but haven’t had a chance to select and edit any (also, we ended up buying 3 extra cards in India and none are connecting with my card reader, so I need to figure out another way to get those pictures). Be warned, a lot of photos are coming. We shot over 30 gigs!

In the meantime, here are a few from my iPhone to tide you over :)
























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