Leaving India

Well we left Bangalore at 2:30am this morning and are now in Frankfurt again. Our flight leaves here at 1:00pm and we should arrive DC just before 4pm. I can’t believe we’re already headed home.

It’s amazing how quickly the trip went and how much we were able to pack in during the two weeks. I was extremely sad to leave India, especially since it’s not often I get to see my Nana. But on the other hand it’ll be wonderful to get back to the US and into our regular rhythm.

Having twins means there’s almost always chaos and to keep it at bay, you have to follow a pretty tight schedule and make things as easy on yourself as possible. Throw an international trip into the mix and you’re just asking for trouble. However, as I said, things went better than I could have imagined and a lot of our travel success came down to a few key items.

Let me just say that these things saved us on this trip and if you’re planning on an end of summer trip or plan on taking toddlers (especially multiples) anywhere for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you should definitely take these items too:

Kelty 2.0 backpack carriers


Eddie Bauer travel booster seats


Baby Bjorn plastic pocket bibs


And my rockstar mum, who was the greatest Nana ever on this trip (well always actually).

Ok, so you can’t take my mum with you on your trip, but I just had to say we couldn’t have done it without her. She was there to lend a hand at any time and relieved us often when it got to be too much (holding a writhing toddler for hours at a time is not easy, especially when you’re confined to two square feet in an airplane). She also took the boys for two whole days – one in Goa, one in Bangalore – which gave E and I the chance to explore without worrying about when the boys would be hungry or where we could find a place to change diapers.

Anyway, just wanted to give a shout-out to let y’all know we’re headed back to home country and there will be a lot of posts coming catching up on the whole shebang. Cross your fingers one last time for us and send out good vibrations in hopes that the last leg goes well (read: the boys sleep the entire flight, therefore we can too).

(ps) I bought any and all products mentioned here, have no affiliation with the companies, and was not paid to talk about them. My opinion is my own and always will be. Get it? Got it? Good.

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