Pack it up

We spent this weekend slowly organizing the house and packing for our 17 day jaunt to India. It’s seriously nuts around here.

This certainly won’t be the first time E and I have traveled together, but it is our first international trip. Before now, the longest we’ve done is a week – either in NY, or Tampa/Orlando, or Dallas and each time has been complete chaos just getting out of the house and to the airport.

E and I travel very differently, starting with the way we pack. I’m all about keeping it to a minimum and just knowing that what I need to survive is in the bag. E… well… he makes a list of every single specific item (down to Old Navy blue button-up, and four Jockey underwear, one Hanes).


Therefore, on his quest to make this trip as painless and stress-less as possible, he made me do the same. This is what I came up with:


I made a list of everything we would need to take for the boys as well and will double check it and cross everything off the night before we leave.

20120723-140908.jpgWhy yes, that does say 140 day diapers and 36 night…

As of this evening (less than 48 hours away), E has the majority of his list packed and I have everything for the boys packed in our Kelty carriers/backpacks, other than what we’re still using up to departure. Everything I am taking is folded next to my suitcase and I’ll spend tomorrow morning rolling the clothes and packing everything in neatly. My plan is to pack ourselves and the boys into two small rollaboard’s, the two backpacks as carry-on’s, and one medium/large checked bag mainly for diapers and stuff we’re taking for family in India.

We kept our clothing choices simple, as you should when traveling overseas, and have packed roughly 6 shirts and 4 pants each (rompers, overalls and onesies for the boys) that mix and match, enough underwear to last a week, and something to sleep in. This is definitely a wash-and-wear kind of trip. No fancy clothes, no high heels (sadly); E’s not even taking jeans because they’ll be too hot to wear (I’m taking a pair only because I fly in them).

It has also taken some careful consideration to figure out what toys or ‘entertainment’ to bring along for the boys. Obviously I don’t want to take too much and certainly nothing annoying or bulky. I’ve whittled it down to a few board books, two of which are brand new to help keep them entertained longer, a quart size baggie full of wooden blocks and letters, and a stroller toy apiece.

The goal is that the stroller toys will strap down on the airplane to keep them entertained without rolling away, as well as inject a bit of normalcy and familiarity. The books are for whenever they get restless or need to be settled down for naps/bed and the wooden blocks and letters are their favorite toys right now. A few plucked from the secondhand sets will be fun for them to kick around at the resort and my Nana’s house. Give them a plastic bowl from the kitchen and they’ll spend an hour just dropping the blocks in and taking them out. Plus, we’re at the scintillating age where stacking and knocking over blocks is equivalent to a Rolling Stones or Rihanna concert.

I’m hopeful that we’ve packed only what we need and haven’t somehow underestimated the amount of diapers necessary for a two+ week trip with twins.

We’ll see how well our lists work to keep chaos out of fly-day and I’ll definitely take a few pictures of our luggage pile and post a run down of exactly what we’re taking for the boys before we leave.

Until then, keep your fingers crossed and knock on all the wood you can find that this insane mission goes well. You know I try to keep things simple around here, right?!

Penny for your thoughts?