Just a trim

While the boys were eating lunch today, I realized I couldn’t hold out and ignore it any longer. Oliver’s hair that is…

I decided that since they were pre-occupied by food and already seated in their high chairs – and I refuse to pay a salon to cut a one year old’s hair – it was due time to attack this tumbleweed ‘do and give him a trim.

Both boys were born with thick, dark hair and then lost it during their second and third months. Oliver’s started to come back around 6 months, but a little unevenly (it seems to grow out of the top and not down the sides) and is dark brown and curly. Eli just started to get hair within the past couple months (just the other day E said, “Wow, you can see he has a hairline now.”). His is actually growing evenly, is lighter brown and straight. I swear if I didn’t give birth to them, I’d think they weren’t even related, never mind twins.

I cut hair for a few friends during college, cuts that were pretty straightforward and mostly with clippers, and scissors only on top. My main goal was to help him get back to cute-boy-look instead of wild-monkey-look without making him look like a shorn sheep. I will miss the crazy curls a little though.

I combed his hair with water and used my fabric scissors (yes, I will get hair scissors before I have to do this again) to trim the back evenly across his neck and then over his ears. I have no idea what to do with his part, so ended up barely trimming the long hair on top.

Wasn’t too difficult, really. He finished with his lunch before I finished cutting, so I managed to bribe him into sitting still with a few raisins. He was really funny when I went around his ears, because he kept trying to look out of the corner of his eye to see what was making the noise.

Thankfully, because Eli’s hair is growing so evenly, I didn’t really cut much; just trimmed the area along the neck a bit to make it even (no rat tails allowed) and dusted him off.

I imagine this process may get harder with time as their hair fills in and I actually have to ‘style’ the cut, but for now I think this works. I mean, they don’t care what their hair looks like as long as it doesn’t take forever to shampoo and rinse: their least favorite part of bath time.

Here’s the Before one more time and then After:

This is his “you wasted twenty minutes of my playtime for this?” face

Looking at this photo now, I think I need to go back and trim the sides a little closer to his head, since his hair has a tendency to fly away and/or pouf up a bit, but at least he no longer looks like he stuck his fingers in electrical sockets.

I deem this another decently successful haircut attempt under my belt and surprisingly can’t wait to try this again. I’d like get good enough to always do their hair (at least until they really form opinions) and maybe E’s too (fat chance he’ll let me near his head with scissors). Perhaps even mine? Nah, that might be a stretch…

Penny for your thoughts?