Twelve Months

To my Little Men,

Today you turned a year old and I am completely in shock as to how this has happened. Where did the last twelve months go? I swear it was just yesterday we were told “yes, those bubble-blob things are in fact two BABIES”. While the ride to this day was absolutely nuts, it was completely wonderful too. I can’t even begin to tell you how much you each mean to me AND how far you’ve both come since the day you busted out almost 9 weeks early.

It was a huge shock for your dad and I to hear we were having twins.. and then two boys… and then we found out you both are as head strong as we are (i.e. the unwillingness to cooperate with your due date). When you were born, everyone immediately commented on how different you look from each other, but what stands out the most now is how different your personalities are. Sure you still look distinct (as Nana says: someone forgot to stir the pot when it came to making you), but it’s the way you each act and process things that constantly amazes me.

Oliver, my sweet, curious, into-everything-all-the-time monkey. You are unbelievably determined to do whatever you can possibly think of and you love figuring out how things work or come apart. You’ve also decided that books are finally for more than just chewing on and love opening and closing them as well as turning pages… sometimes before I can even read what’s on the page. You still examine every meal I give you, yet you eat so politely. There is rarely a mess when you’re finished, unless I try to give you something with a spoon… then you HAVE to spit whatever was on the spoon into your hand to look at it first, then try to put it back in your mouth. When it’s something like yogurt, none of it makes it back, but rather ends up smeared all over your cheeks and up your arms. Oh and I swear you have Go-Go-Gadget arms, because it seems no matter how far I pull the chair away from the table, or push the plates of food to the opposite side, you somehow manage to grab hold of something anyway. In fact, the other day you managed to pull the cutting board full of fruit onto your tray while I was in the kitchen and by the time I took the five steps over to you, you’d eaten more than half of it! You must have also realized recently that twelve months is a long time to go without a full night sleep, so you’re finally sleeping at least 10 hours straight almost every night (we sometimes have one quick wake-up. Seems you just want to know that someone’s around). I’m crossing fingers this sleeping thing is part of you becoming a toddler and am so excited about it!

Eli, my angelic, crazy, dimple-cheeked little monster. You, my dear, have decided that this is the month to get moving – quickly! Suddenly I’ve got two of you all over the place and while I am thankful it’s usually in the same direction, I can’t get over how fast you get around. You’ve also figured out that you’re finally the heavier one and can use that weight to your advantage during your wrestling sessions. I completely attribute this explosive weight gain to the fact that you LOVE food. Anything I give you immediately gets shoved in your mouth with a big grin. The other day you reached out, took huge handfuls of food and tried to smash everything into your mouth in one go. Of course, this meant that half ended up on  your face,  over your shoulder into your seat or in your hair (as you now like combing your hair with your hands during mealtimes). I swear not one meal goes by where I don’t later find crumbs inside your shirt or lining the top of your diaper. However, any other time of the day, you’re so calm and content to just hang out. You love cuddling and will chill out in the crook of Dada’s arm as long as he’s willing to sit still. You are our champion sleeper and teether. All this month you’ve slept through the night (and your brothers screaming) and have only had a couple short wake-ups as your first molar came in. Seriously, this is the first time you’ve actually shown any discomfort and you’ve already got all four front top and bottom, one full molar out and another bottom one on the way!

Together you both are learning things about the environment around you in leaps and bounds. Not a single day goes by without you figuring out something new, like how to gesture towards your sippy cup when you want water or that when the mailbox clicks shut it’s because I’ve hidden a toy in it or that if you drag a book around the living room, I’ll sit down and read it to you.

The two of you have made it your mission to never let the preemie factor slow you down and I am so proud of everything you’ve accomplished thus far. And that’s a crazy statement, because there’s still a great big world out there for you to figure out and triumph over! Still, I think you both are awesome and I am proud to be your mum. Even when I am ridiculously sleep deprived and you want to crawl all over me and wrestle and shriek and bang your hands on every hard surface available. Even when I take you to the grocery store and you decide that sitting in the stroller is equivalent to torture. Even when you throw a tantrum so big, Max and Pilot go running for cover. Even then… and always.  I love you both to death and can’t wait for all the good, bad, awesome and crazy things coming in year two.

Love always,


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