Someday I’ll be…

So I’m scrambling to get a ton of things done before the boys turn a year old (INSANE!!) this weekend, including dressing up one very blank wall above their cribs in the nursery.

You can sort of see it here (only the pinwheel mobiles I made give that wall any decoration):

(Excuse the sucky iPhone quality here.)

I really thought that adding a few framed prints – four centered on the wall, two above each crib – would dress it up nicely, so I set to work making them. I found prints that I thought were amazing, so due to 1) we can’t afford to spend money on decorations and 2) I went to art school so should really put my Photoshop skills to SOME use, I took inspiration from pumpkinandbutterfly‘s shop on Etsy:

And created these:

Very simple – just text and vector images I found via Google and just re-worked them to my use. I’ve printed them on plain printer paper and will stick them in simple, white Ikea frames we bought last year.

What do you guys think? I thought it’d be cute to have them “someday be” men to look up to (yes, even rockstars).

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