Time suck

I’ve recently noticed that the majority of time I spend online is whittled away reading and researching anything to do with raising kids, eating or DIY’ing something. What can I say – I suppose my kids, my taste buds and my creative itch are ruling my life right now.

I already have a plethora of blogs and sites I visit as often as possible, but keep finding new ones to dig through. I can’t believe how many awesome people there are out there sharing their lives with the web on a daily basis. The majority I find by scouting ‘blogrolls’, but yesterday (to my chagrin) I found a sinkhole of new material. Enter Babble.com and their never ending list of top blogs.

Exhibit A: Top 50 Mom Blogs

Exhibit B: Top 100 Food Mom Blogs

Yes, you saw that right. By going through  both lists and checking each site out (not that I loved and will follow all of them, but still) I just found another 150 blogs. I believe I just said a tearful goodbye to my copious (HAHAHAHA!) free time.

Anyone else out there understand the time suck that is a good blog? I surely can’t be the only one addicted to reading what other people are doing out there and how different (or alike!) we are, right? I see blogs as classier versions of reality TV; you can pry into other people’s lives, but chances are you’ll learn something better than what GTL stands for.

Penny for your thoughts?