Chip It!

So while digging through one of my favorite sites, I stumbled across an article heralding Sherwin Williams’ new app where you can turn any photograph into a strip of coordinating paint chips. To test it out I slid over a few tabs and went to my trusty Pinterest page. Lo and behold, it works. And it’s addicting.

Go to Sherwin Williams’ Chip It! site, drag the ‘Chip It’ button to your favorites/toolbar and then… well… test it out on any site you come across.

(Please excuse the following image quality. I used my iPhone to take pics of my laptop screen. Yes, my laptop is so old that I cannot take a screenshot. Thankfully now we have new technology to supplement our old technology.)

The basics to using it go like this:

20120504-224558.jpgSelect the Chip It button on your toolbar, then hover your mouse over an image. A bar of paint chips will show up.

20120504-224605.jpgIf you select the option, a panel pops up with the original bar and real chip names/numbers. Say that’s not enough for a soon-to-be-expert paint dabbler such as yourself…

20120504-224611.jpg… you simply select ‘more colors’ and a second panel shows up with another set of accents.

20120504-224618.jpgYou can then save the card to different ‘ChipBooks’ and use them at any time.

Isn’t it an awesome application? I think the bathroom could use a mini-makeover (on a minor budget) and a new coat of paint (or two) might just do the trick.

I now have the biggest urge to go through all of my Pins and ‘chip’ them for future use. This could take a while…

Penny for your thoughts?