Happy Mother’s Day from WE

It’s no secret I love West Elm (as clear here), but I’m even more in love after I saw their 20% sale on certain ‘mom’ things for Mother’s Day this year.

Yes, this is my first true Mother’s Day (although there were plenty of people wishing me Happy Mother’s Day last year. Each time I had to remind myself that I was 6.5 months pregnant and therefore a mum already), but until the boys are old enough to make cute cards out of construction paper and stickers, it’s not a holiday I feel attached to. I still (and surely will always) feel that it’s about recognizing and thanking MY mum for everything she gave me, not celebrating my own journey through motherhood.

However this day, like many others sprinkled throughout the year, is a sweet one for sales. And of all the stores out there throwing deals hither and thither in the name of Moms, I think that West Elm has the right idea: pull together a list of great pieces to help those forgetful/clueless husbands out there and then drop the price to help all of us save a few dollars towards, perhaps, a cup of Baskin Robbins Rainbow Sherbet (don’t judge – it’s my favorite AND was my one and only craving during pregnancy).

Check out some of the amazing pieces going for 20% off this week. Sorry if I’m enabling your decor addiction.

found here, here, here, here, here and here

And although it isn’t part of the M Day sale, one of the pieces I LOVE finally went on sale too!

found here

I’ve got an old gift card lying around that might just swing for this little piggy. Guess I’ll celebrate a little “Happy Mother’s Day” to me after all.

Penny for your thoughts?