So we took the boys to the post office on Saturday to get their passport applications submitted (seriously, they could not make it any harder to get a baby’s first passport). Thankfully we had Cheerios on hand to keep the boys happy throughout the process.

It took an hour of standing in line, even though we had an appointment, and then a mountain of paperwork. I’d filled out the forms before we arrived, but going over every single detail took forever and we STILL managed to leave a blank spot. Cross your fingers the government doesn’t care how tall 11 month old kids are.

One of the things I tried to do to help make it easier was to take their passport photos myself at home the night before. One issue I had is that we don’t have a true ‘neutral’ wall, so I tried a towel on their chair… at night… using my old lamp (tungsten glow, anyone?). And yes, they were already in their pj’s for the night (don’t judge).

I finally managed to get two images that would work, though I had to Photoshop them to make the background somewhat ‘government approved’ (even though you’re not supposed to retouch them. Oops). But we’ve never set up our printer in this house so I had to try the only place open at 10:30pm on a Friday night – Kinko’s. Turns out their “photo-quality, high-resolution” printer is about as sharp as my very first Epson color printer back in 2005. In other words, it sucked.

We ended up having to get their photos taken at the post office the next day anyway, but I though I’d put these stunning, gorgeous, soon-to-be-critically-acclaimed outtakes here for you guys to see. Turns out our boys really know how to make a mug shot look classy. Oh, and excuse the crazy color cast – I didn’t white balance and like I said, our crazy, old, 1960s tungsten lamp was my only source of light. I kind of like the yellow/rose tinge, don’t you? No? Ok fine. Just tell me the boys make cute little retro babies and all is forgiven.

(the bottom two are the one’s I was going to use, although they look more blown out here than when printed)

The following images are what they took down at the post office with their fancy, schmancy passport camera.



Aren’t they the most flattering pics of my darlin’s you’ve ever seen?

Oh, and here’s E’s just for the hell of it. He looks like a very inept criminal.


At least we’re one step closer towards our trip to India. Now we just have to build up their immune systems (E and his weak stomach included) and prep for surviving 20 hours on a plane together.

I think we might be certifiably nuts.

Penny for your thoughts?