Where dream home and reality meet

I am a self-proclaimed addict of HGTV and when I do have time to spare (ha!), you can guarantee I’m spending a good chunk of it tuned into the channel. Recently, I’ve completely fallen in love with the Property Brothers (originally shot in Canada and broadcast on the W Network, bought by HGTV for the American audience).

Jonathan and Drew Scott: the Property Brothers – image found here

For anyone that doesn’t know what the show is all about, it’s a set of twin brothers (why wouldn’t we love that, right?) – one real estate agent, one contractor – who convince people to maximize their budget by purchasing a fixer-upper and completely renovating.

video found here

One of my favorite parts is where they show off 3D renderings (done by Neezo Renders) of the designs and truly showcase the possibilities available in the space. It’s hard to see all the potential in a house when what you’re faced with is just old, outdated and often dirty. The Brothers have great vision and MAKE you believe that anything is possible on a budget, if you just trust the process.

video found here

I think the reason I have fallen hard for this concept is because, for me, it’s what truly makes a house a home. There’s something wonderful about walking into a space that has zero potential (or so it seems) and spinning it into your own personal dream home. It’s exactly what E and I want to do one day (although preferably on our own, with as little ‘pro’ help as possible). I mean come on, who doesn’t have the urge to rip out wall-to-wall carpet or take a sledgehammer to drywall?


before and after images found here

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