Eleven months old

To my little men,

Suddenly this month you two are no longer babies. I look at pictures of you at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months even and you’re so tiny compared to now. There are two little humans eating ‘human food’ (no more jarred mush on a daily basis), wrestling with each other, shrieking and giggling everyday. We’ve finally hit that point where the fun outweighs the hard work – and it’s amazing.

Oliver, you are one determined kid. No matter what we’re doing, you’re working on a way to get in/out/on/under the ‘obstacle’ in your way (i.e. the fence, the high chair, me, your dad, or Eli). I am constantly amazed by how quickly you pick things up – not only are you pulling yourself up, but you walk your way around the entire room only keeping your hands on something for a little support. Any day now we expect you to just take off running across the room, that’s how quick you are. Recently your ‘vocabulary’ has also expanded. We often hear the letters b, d, n, m, p and f coming out of your mouth, followed by whatever vowel suits your fancy that day. We finally believe that you’re actually calling us Dada and Mama, not just throwing out random letters, since you start-up the second we walk into your line of sight. The last couple of months held A LOT of not sleeping and screaming and general tantrum throwing going on with your teeth coming in and your new-found standing skills, but you have settled into the upcoming toddler role and have become so sweet. Just yesterday morning your dad fed you early (yes, you still insist on getting up before 8am… we WILL break that habit, I assure you) and then started getting ready for work. I could hear you getting bored with your toys so I plonked you down next to me on the couch, tucked the cushy blanket in around us and immediately you were happy. I had your little head under my chin and could hear you mumbling to yourself. It was such a happy, peaceful moment; I have my little Buddha baby back.

Eli, you are my roly-poly, happy little one. In the last month, it’s like you exploded out of infancy. You’ve now got eight teeth (8!!) and got all of them without the pools of drool and nightly screaming we had from your brother. I suppose you make up for it with the “I’M HUNGRY NOW, FEED ME” screaming we endure every few hours. Guess it makes sense though: despite being bigger at birth, you’ve trailed behind by a few ounces every appointment – well, not anymore. Finally you’ve caught up in weight AND realized it. Oliver can’t just crawl over you when he feels like it, because you can now pin HIM down. Really funny to watch on my end. You still don’t seem to want to crawl, but in the past two days, you’ve starting pulling forward using your arms, so perhaps you’ve finally become bored with spinning and rolling everywhere. There’s also a lot of head banging on the floor when you want me to stand you up. You are ridiculously happy just holding my fingers and tottering forward all around the living room. Even better is when I ‘fly’ you through the air like a plane or take you to the swings down the block. My God how you love those swings – I think I could leave you out there all day and you’d be happy. Can’t wait for the day you learn to kick your legs and make the swing move by yourself, although that will be the day we lose all control of the daredevil in you. I think the flight bug bit you and you’ll end up as a base jumper or para glider; perhaps you’ll be tame and just be a pilot like your dear ‘ole Papa.

Together, you’re working hard towards eating everything with your hands. The only thing I spoon-fed you last weekend was a bit of oatmeal each morning. So far you love bananas, apples, cantaloupe, peas, corn, carrots, green beans, avocado, all shapes of pasta, shredded or diced chicken, and mashed potatoes. I want to start working on real meals, but since I have zero cooking imagination, we’ll see how that happens. Thankfully it’s all about independence with the both of you now and you’re happy to eat whatever I put in front of you as long as you can do it yourself.













We’ve also reached the point where you play well with toys and with each other. I can’t tell you how many times you suddenly catch each others eye and just fall about laughing. There’s a lot of babbling and squealing and testing out noises by banging your hands on things (including each other). I really see your personalities come through now and they’re so very different. Oliver, you’re mischievous and sweet. Eli, you’re charming and rambunctious.


You are both so amazing. Every day brings something new and something wonderful for you each to discover, which makes me feel like I’m part of a secret society. One where I see curiosity turn into knowledge every minute of every day.

My mind reels when I think about how quickly your 1 year birthday is approaching. 11 months have flown by at 100 miles per hour and I’m just now starting to feel like the craziness is starting to even out. It’s only going to get better.

I love you always,


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