A new sense of style

I’ve never been a huge fashion girl. I wore tees, jeans and high heels (my one style vice) in high school, through college, and up until I started my current job. The job requires that I dress ‘business casual’ on a daily basis, so I took the advice of a friend and checked out Ann Taylor and LOFT for options when I started. It was an entirely new look for me; lots of cardigans and pastels with sparkles and ribbons – outfits I would have made fun of before. Those clothes lasted through 2 years of weekly wear and 7 months of pregnancy (I just added a few pairs of maternity slacks and jeans). However, during my maternity leave and upon returning to work, I realized that very few of the clothes I owned were truly ‘me’. One, they didn’t fit the same anymore (damn you, post-pregnancy body) and two, I must have taken leave of my senses when I bought floaty, girlie outfits and thought I could pull them off. I’ve always been into more a simple palette, crisp cuts, and tomboy looks.

At the beginning of this year, I started trying to pinpoint my style and find what items work in the office, at home with the family, and out socially. I paid attention to the colors, patterns, fabrics, and cuts that made me feel great and slowly realized the majority of my outfit ideas came from GAP (for everyday) and Banana Republic (for work).

Both shops recently put out their spring styles and were offering 25%/30% off over the weekend so, of course, I did a bit of window online shopping. I wanted pieces I could mix-and-match to completely overhaul my wardrobe – ended up with 43 in my shopping bag:

All items found on GAP and BR websites.

Nice list (excluding the $$$$ total), right? In the end, however, I didn’t purchase a single item. I realized that buying clothes while you’re working on your health/fitness is just plain stupid. I may never again get into a size small shirt, but I’m aiming to not wear size 10 pants forever. Therefore, I’m holding off; I’m patching together my sloppy clothes with the few nice pieces I own, and saving up for an eventual shopping spree. One day I’ll fill my closet to the brim with these clothes and actually be happy about the prospect of getting dressed instead of groaning with despair.

(p.s.) Since my post in February, I’ve already made great strides towards my fitness goals. I may have only lost a dozen or so pounds, but my body feels tighter, healthier, and my clothes are fitting better so I’m happy. Of course I’d have made better progress if I worked out more, but 50 hour work weeks, husband, twin boys, dog, and cat tend to take priority. I’m getting in about 3 evenings a week but, starting this weekend, plan to work out every morning before the boys wake up. That way, I get it done and won’t skip because I’m exhausted by the time they’re in bed. Cross your fingers my alarm doesn’t wake them up early too…

Also, by the by, the Reebok TrainTone’s I bought for my birthday ended up making my feet go numb (!), so I sent them back and went with the Marathon 10 shoe from Adidas:

They’re light, comfortable, supportive and if I’m going to wear color, it’ll be on my shoes. I’m totally in love with my running shoes.

Man, I’m weird.

Penny for your thoughts?