DIY Console/Bar Hack

E got a bit handy again over the weekend (minds out of the gutter people) and added a few IKEA pieces to our Aiden console table (would this be a World Market hack, or IKEA hack? Maybe both…) making it multi-functional.

We already owned the console table and bought these wine racks and glass racks (like these) a while back to add to our kitchen. We were struggling to find the right place to hang them, when Erich came up with the brilliant idea to mount them to the underside of the console, creating a bar area that will go with us easily when we move.

First he measured the space underneath and marked where the support ‘studs’ are.

Then he screwed in two scrap boards leftover from the living room shelving project.

After the boards were in, he had something solid to mount the racks to. They will definitely support the weight of 8 wine bottles and the 6 or so glasses we have hanging currently.

(like our classy wine selection?)

(Yes, we have the volume down and subtitles up on our TV so we can watch without fear of waking the boys. Thankfully I speed read, so never miss a thing; E on the other hand has to rewind constantly.)

Looks good right? Of course we’ll have to take the glasses out as the boys get more mobile, but it’s an awesome concept and will be great once they’re old enough to understand that glass shatters into millions of pieces and spillage of wine (even if it’s only the “go-to” Yellowtail) is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Back to the point: nifty 20 minute hack that will allow easy access to your late night snack. Done.

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