We are slowly moving into the world of self-feeding and have actually made progress. I NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WOULD COME.

First, working on them holding their own bottles:

So far, so good, although, we can only manage the first bottle of the day when they’re still calm and really hungry…

Second (and yes, we’re a little late to the game), we’re working on Baby Led Weaning:


It’s going really well. They LOVE being able to play with their food (I kept spoonfuls of mush away from flying hands for obvious reasons) and so far we haven’t had any choking episodes (fingers crossed it continues this way).

I might get the Baby Led Weaning Cookbook to get ideas, because right now they’re eating mostly veggies sliced raw or steamed, accompanied by pasta or rice… oh, banana and apple slices get some loving too. I also give them bits and pieces of whatever we order at a restaurant, and have been looking at various blogs and pins to see what else I can try. Can’t wait for the day they feed themselves at every meal. It will be like a day at the spa for me.

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