It’s Magic


On my weekly journey to Barnes and Noble to download the NOOK Free Friday book (Carolyn Hart’s Dare to Die this week), I came across something that makes me so warm and happy inside. The ENTIRE Harry Potter collection is now available for download!!!!!!!! That statement was totally worth the 8 exclamation points. And yes, I am an uber geek for being so excited about this (especially since I have all the books) but come on. Who wouldn’t want to have the whole masterful collection available at a moments notice, a simple finger swipe, a tiny click of a button (besides E… The Boy Who Never Reads)?

Of course, Ms. Rowling is a bit of a hoarder when it comes to her books, therefore the digital rights were not sold to anyone; you have to order them directly from the Pottermore Shop but in all honesty, who cares? Don’t know if I can wait until Christmas for these… too bad my birthday and our anniversary have already passed.

Penny for your thoughts?