Found: Sephora and Pantone

I love Sephora and use them exclusively for anything I need to ‘prettify’. In fact, I bought enough last year after my pregnancy (man, does that bring on pores and sad, tired skin!) to become a V.I.B (Very Important Beauty Insider, although I don’t know where the ‘I’ for Insider is in the acronym…).

They just sent me an email broadcasting a new collaboration that I am stoked about. Coming from the art and design world, I KNOW Pantone – they are the premier source for everything color. If you don’t know much about Pantone, you have to at least know their most popular contribution to the world: color of the year. This year it’s Tangerine Tango (a somewhat controversial pick considering how close it is to last year’s Honeysuckle) but as usual it’s already making a mark.

image via here

I have no idea why it took so long for Sephora to get on it, but they’ve finally caught up to every other design/fashion company and are using Pantone to create something fresh for 2012. In their case, an entire line of make-up and beauty products relating to the color.

Sephora Pantone collection

They even have a shade finder to help out if you think orange isn’t really your color (like me):

Also, they have Pantone palettes where you can choose shades you like and they recommend make-up based on that:

Pretty cool, no? I think I might have to try at least one shade out in time for the wonderful transition to spring. Less heavy mascara (when I can bother to put it on), more colorful lips/cheeks. Doesn’t Pantone just make you happy? Sephora too – I mean, what girl doesn’t need a pick-me-up now and then. A swipe of eyeliner, a smidge of lipstick and suddenly you feel a little taller, a little brighter and a little more confidant.

Penny for your thoughts?