10 Months Old

To my little men,

Two days ago you boys turned a whopping 10 months old and so far in your lives, this has been the wildest month. Over the course of the last few weeks you’ve become real little humans, with your own individual personalities, oddities, likes, dislikes, tastes and opinions (yes, you are already stubborn and opinionated, just like your parents).

Oliver, you zoom around the floor on your belly and refuse to stay still, even for a moment. You’ve also taught yourself to pull up and stand this week, which you now constantly do… even when we’re trying to put you to bed. There we are relaxing on the couch thinking you’re fast asleep and suddenly there’s high pitch wailing. Why? Because you’re standing up holding on to the rails for dear life and can’t figure out how to get back down (you learned your lesson the first time when you let go, fell straight back and bumped your head). Last weekend you learned the letter N and will go ‘nananana’ for hours. This is in addition to your lip smacking skills and deep yoga-like breaths while eating. You love investigating everything, give hugs and kisses all the time, and it’s rarely quiet when you’re awake; it’s so much fun watching you learn.

Eli, you are so unbelievably happy; you giggle and laugh all day long. You’re also a phenomenal singer and will hum and ‘dododo’ melodies for me every evening when I get home. Anytime we have music on (which is almost all day) you dance in your seat or get excited and roll around the floor even faster. You also want to stand up constantly and will look up at us with the saddest puppy eyes until we help you up on  your feet. Once there, you immediately start dancing again and kicking your feet, which kind of defeats the purpose since you then lose your balance and fall over. You’ve still only got your front four teeth, but I can already see both bottom and both top side teeth right below the surface. Thankfully you’ve been great teething so far, and barely give us any attitude. Every day we see a sweeter, more loving, and hilarious Eli pop forth.

Both of you are eating ALL sorts of new food. We’re trying out all the Gerber ‘snacks’ – puffs, crunchies, wagon wheels and yogurt drops (Oliver you love the wagon wheels, Eli you love the puffs most. Both of you make adorably scrunchy faces when the tart yogurt drops hit your tongue). I’m amazed how fast you learned that you can pick up and eat all the food on your tray. We’ve been working on veggies too and you’ve eaten bits of banana straight out of the skin. We also tried slices of apples in what I call baby Chinese Finger Traps (anyone out there remember those?) and you guys went NUTS. Nibbled on one slice for so long Mum and Dad actually got to eat their lunch in peace. It was magical. We also stopped at an Indian restaurant the other day and you both got to try little bites of idli, uttapam and roti, and loved them all. What can I say, you are your mothers’ sons. All the new food might also explain how you’re now over 20lbs each – you would never know you were 2 months preemie by looking at how much you’ve grown.

As always, I’m stunned that another month has passed. You guys are growing so fast and learning at a rate I never imagined. It’s incredible to see how curious you both are and how the world around you inspires exploration. I’m looking forward to this month and everything it might bring. Self-feeding perhaps? Sleeping through the night again? Walking? Potty Training (please, pretty please)? Alright, none of those might happen this month, but that’s part of the fun. I never know what you munchkins are going to get into next.

Love always,

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