Baby Money Steps

Monday morning I gave myself a goal: I would not spend a single dollar through the end of the work week. Well, today is Friday and it’s the end of the work day, so I thought I’d put this out there for everyone to see:

TA DA! I managed not to spend a penny this week. What you see above is a “Keep the Change” transfer (Bank of America’s change saving program) on Monday, my monthly payment to my credit card yesterday, my monthly payment for my student loan yesterday, my direct deposit paycheck today and finally my automatic transfer of funds to my savings account today. That’s it. I am so unbelievably proud of myself.

Now, full disclosure, I should say that I was able to do this by bringing breakfasts and lunches to work each day and of course eating dinner at home – this all cost money in groceries, but those were bought over the weekend and obviously fed more than just myself (E, the boys, Pilot, and Max need to eat too). We also picked up sushi on the way home last night after some very late errands, which E paid for on his account. So I suppose you could say I did spend a bit of money if we’re splitting hairs (or bank accounts). Even still, I cannot believe that I was able to do this. I’ve never been a penny pincher, in fact I’ve been known to spontaneously burst into spending, but there’s something about becoming a mom that makes you want to save (not to mention the ever-present storm cloud regarding my job hunt).

E and I are even on the prowl right now for a car to swap our current one with, all in the name of saving money. Right before we found out we were pregnant, E traded out his paid off car for a gorgeous 2010 Toyota 4Runner. It’s got leather seats, fancy speakers and lots of other gadgets and upgrades I am oblivious to. Now we realize that having a car payment, even one as low as ours, is horrible. All those little payments going out each month add up to a lot and – as I put it to E a few nights ago – I would rather have a dull car and fun life than a fun car and dull life. Each and every single dollar counts. If we want to enjoy being young, we need to learn what really counts in life, which many people only understand on their deathbeds (excuse my morbidity). This is when we need to “do as poor people say and rich people do”. And by poor, I mean the money hungry middle class and by rich I mean frugal millionaires. Because how are you going to get rich if you keep throwing money out the window?

(p.s.) I downloaded this week’s NOOK Free Friday Book Black Out and it looks great. I love thriller/mystery series and this one has my name written all over it. However, it’s going to have to wait since I am in the middle of Pride and Prejudice now (one of those books I think I’ve read, but never really have).

Penny for your thoughts?