Not all who wander: Winter Pinterest Challenge

As my dad would say, I’m always a day late and a dollar short. Well, at the very least I’m a day late on the (unofficial) Pinterest Challenge: Winter Edition – a fantastic idea originally dreamed up by Katie and Sherry (co-hosted this time around by Erin and Cassie) to make all of us get off our butts and put our pin boards to work. Definitely check out their sites; you would not believe the amount of amazing work going on in the ‘link party’.

The deadline was yesterday and while I actually had the piece finished, printed and in the frame, I didn’t get a chance to photograph or post it due to work and well… twins. So this morning I took a couple quick snaps with my Hipstamatic app (apologies for the overabundance of Hipsta prints recently. My iPhone Camera memory is full, but strangely it still lets me shoot through other apps) just to get it out in the blogiverse.

As for the piece… I’ve been playing with graphic prints (partly for a future job/Etsy shop, partly because Photoshop keeps me from freaking out over expense reports at work) and while most ideas have rolled around my mind for ages, this print (originally from here) and this print (originally from here) over on Pinterest recently caught my eye:

 I really love the quote (J.R.R. Tolkein) so I jumped into a blank Photoshop canvas on Tuesday (Me procrastinate? Never.) and started messing around. Voila! Here’s what I whipped up:



It’s pretty basic and perhaps not as quirky as the originals; I just wanted to see what could spring from pure text and basic shape. I do like the way it turned out (printed it on plain copy paper and popped it into an IKEA NYTTJA Frame) and will hang it up over the weekend. What do you guys think? I really need to carve out more time to play with my beloved Adobe CS; it can only help my job search and makes me happy to boot.

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