Leap Year

It’s Leap Year today! That used-to-wish-I-was-born-on-it day that everyone loves but knows zilch about (including me). It suddenly hit me – I better know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING because the boys are going to ask me WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? and HOW? about… well, everything. I know they can’t even talk yet, never mind question me on how the universe rotates, I just want to be prepared. Especially considering the next time Leap Year rolls around, they will be old enough to ask me. That’s a crazy thought.

I found this video to get caught up on my soon-to-be-useful useless information:



Happy Leap Year everyone – hope you use these extra 24 hours for something great (psst… Get involved with Rare Disease Day, celebrating its 5th year on this rare date).

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