Quarter of a Century

Today I turned 25 years old and it’s been a crazy ride in life thus far: Big Bear Lake, Jeddah, Waxahachie, Savannah, DC, college, jobs, marriage, kids. Wonder what the next quarter century will bring…

So, you may ask, what did I do on this oh-so-special day? I went to work, received some wonderful birthday wishes from family and friends (huge thanks and hugs to everyone), had Cheerios for dinner, and spent A LOT of money… on the boys. But we are going out Friday to actually celebrate.

As for news on the boys (and what the crazy amount of money was for) – well, we’re on to the next stage of parenthood. We’ve officially begun the baby proofing process with bags of plug protectors, appliance locks and other these-are-baby-and-parent-proof products. Today we ordered even more from Amazon (has anyone ever mentioned having kids is expensive?) and upgraded a couple of the larger items:

images and products found here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Penny for your thoughts?