9 Month Photo

This month’s photo shoot with the boys was CRAZY. They no longer want to sit still! I’m still having issues with my lens (one day I will find time to get it back to a tech), which is why this image is in focus somewhere on the chair by Oliver’s hand, but it’s so funky I couldn’t resist. I’m going to play with it more to see if I can rescue the wild contrast and color skew. Don’t judge, it’s just a rough cut edit.

Here are a few unedited outtakes:

I’m pretty partial to the last one. Look at those sweet feet! Any of you prefer one over the other?

One thought on “9 Month Photo

  1. Love the photograph #5. Looks like Eli got his own back this month by blocking out Oliver :)

    can’t pick between their feet though. The cutest little footsies in the business!

    You might need an assistant on your next photo shoot!

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