9 Months Old

To my Little Men,

Two days ago you turned 9 months old… another month has gone by and I am again stunned by how much you’ve each grown. I’ve got that proverbial feeling of trying to catch smoke in my hands as I watch the days go by so quickly.

You’re both getting big so fast and learning things at such a breakneck pace I’m having trouble keeping up with all the new skills!

Oliver, we can’t let you out of our sights, because you will suddenly shoot off on your belly and end up under your dad’s desk or in the kitchen before we can even explain to you that WIRES AND KNIVES ARE NOT TOYS. We also discovered last night that when we hold you up standing, you place one foot in front of the other and try to walk forward. It was amazing. You’ve started ‘puffs’ too and mastered the pinch-bring-to-mouth-crunch-swallow in two goes. The first time you were SO close, but it got stuck to your top lip and watching you try to get it off with your tongue was just so funny we couldn’t stop laughing long enough to help you out. In other news you seem to have forgotten how to say dada, but are now working on baba or mama, we can’t tell. My luck it’ll be baba and your daddy’ll think it’s funny, make it stick and I’ll forever be known as bub instead of mum. Don’t worry, I’ll still answer when you call. Sometimes we play peek-a-boo and you hold your blanket up for me to say “Where’s Oliver?”, then you drop it and laugh when I yell “There he is!”. We also taught you ‘high five’ and you put your palm up and giggle until we give you one. I’m constantly amazed by how smart you are.

Auntie Amanda with Oliver

Eli, you are now both the calmest and the craziest one. Sometimes in the evenings if we’re just relaxing on the couch, you’ll sit in the crook of your daddy’s arm just hanging out, babbling and watching us. You also like to stroke his beard while sitting there; it’s very cute and hilarious when you absent-mindedly pull a chunk. Polar opposite to this sweet side we found a shrieking banshee – quite a few times you’ve screeched so loud I thought my ears would bleed. After your outbursts comes ‘talking’; we hear a lot of “dadadada” and “tukatukatukatuka” and you’ll continue for an hour or more straight. I even hear you giving a speech sometimes in your crib before it’s time to get up. You can now sit up almost completely on your own and only tumble over if you’re trying to reach a toy. There’s a lot of rattle shaking and you love to beat your hands against the carpet just for the hell of it. You also LOVE music and will dance and hum and giggle when there’s music playing. I keep different styles of music on every time we play to see how you react. Your Omi came to visit this past weekend and learned that you mostly like Adele, but started crying during one very sad song. I couldn’t believe how perceptive you were to the mood of the song; you started smiling immediately after she changed it.

Uncle Kevin with Eli

All I can say is that you’re both amazing and your daddy and I get so excited to play with you guys. We went away this weekend for our anniversary and I swear we talked about you two constantly. There was a lot of speculating what you will be like on future family vacations and excitement when we found these spinning submarines for your bath time.


You both make me smile so much and turn every gray day sunny. Sure, we have frustrating moments too (like when you decide sleeping is for babies, not you) but nothing even comes close to how happy you make me day in, day out.

I love you always,


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