February 19th, 2011

Memorial Day weekend 2010, E spontaneously announces that we’re going to Snowshoe, WV. It’s summer. No snow at the ski resort. Hmm. Okay whatever, weekend away in the mountains, I can deal with that. Sunday we get prepped to go hiking and hop on the lift to the base of the mountain. One week earlier my friend Becca had gotten engaged, which I casually mentioned as we rode down. Ever so innocently E tells me he realized this would have been the perfect opportunity to propose… if he had thought to bring the ring.

On the hike back, in the middle of a creek bed, he dropped to both knees, pulled out a little white box and said, ever so eloquently, “Will you be my… marry me?”.


So we started planning the wedding, getting as far as November with nothing decided other than a wedding date of August 27th, 2011 (three years to the day we met). December rolls around (continued wedding procrastination) and we find out “Hey, guess what. Not only are you pregnant, but you’re having TWINS!” Oops².

At the end of January (yes, more procrastination) we decide to push the wedding up. To twenty days away. Procrastination turned chaos. Happily, it’s actually snowing in the mountains in February! We figured what better way to bring our engagement full circle than to get married on the same mountain, right? We invited close friends and family members who we know could make it and ordered matching black and white Wellington’s for the ceremony (too cheesy cute?).

Day of, the boys went tubing; the girls went to a spa. Our ceremony took place at sunset next to the ski lift, overlooking the frozen lake in the valley. I walked down the aisle to Mumford and Sons “Sigh No More” and we had our first dance right there in the snow to Frank Sinatra “Dancing Cheek to Cheek”. Chef at Auntie Pasta’s (not even kidding on the name) made us a delish heart-shaped Baked Alaska, which we devoured after Veal Osso Bucco and Rosemary Crusted Rack of Lamb (oh yeah, we’re total foodies). After dinner all the young’uns went bar hopping on the mountain, ended up dancing the night away in the club and we rounded out the weekend with a celebratory brunch the next morning.




Today is our one year anniversary and as crazy as it sounds, we look back now and realize we could not have wished for a more perfect, totally ‘us’, celebration.


Happy Anniversary E! It’s been a crazy year – twins, 5 weeks of NICU, apnea monitors, broken hand, job change, splinter to the shin, our first Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years as a family, mold infestation and another job change – but we made it intact. I love you.


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