Header #2

UPDATE: My darling husband E hated the header change. While he and I don’t always see eye to eye on design, I have to admit that when I got home and pulled up the header on my Mac… WOAH. Those colors were NEON!! Certainly did not look that way on my PC at work. So I played around with it a bit again and created this, which I think will stick for a while to see how it feels.

What do you guys think? Did you like the fun, colorful one or is this graphic a little better? Are you with E and liked the original (sans the weird crop that happened when viewed on an iPad…)? I’d love to have your comments!


Hi everyone! Notice anything new? Perhaps that thing adorning the top of your page?? Yep, I decided it was high time for me to update the header now that I’m over 4 months into this bloggy adventure, so I went from this:

To this:


What do you think? It’s not the craziest change, but now that I’m getting a bit more sleep I was able to create a simple design with a touch of finesse and less grain.

I miss designing and have checked out inspiration everywhere. These are some current, clean and classic headers I think are great:


image found on the lil bee

image found on From The Right Bank

image found on design seeds

image found on Miles to Style

image found on The Pessimiss

image found on Miss Moss

image found on the handmade home


And for those interested in all things type, I found this cute post over on The Handmade Home which listed one of my favorite fonts as no. 1 (it was the font used for my original theme)! That then led me to a new font database, The League of Moveable Type. I’ve almost always used DaFont when I needed something fresh, but this may be a new go-to.


images found on The League of Moveable Type

Pretty sweet, huh?

Penny for your thoughts?