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I very rarely venture to the grocery store with the boys. Seriously, who in their right mind wants to cart infant twins around a store more than, oh, never? I’ll admit it’s getting easier to leave the house now without having a complete meltdown at the check-out line (the boys I mean… well, maybe me too), but for the most part I rely heavily on for EVERYTHING baby.

A friend recommended Amazon Mom to me right before the boys were born and I GOT HOOKED. Basically, you are awarded discounts on baby basics: diapers, wipes, lotion, shampoo, formula, pump parts, solid food, toys, books, clothes, crib sheets, etc, etc, etc and free two-day shipping up to a year (with qualifying purchases). It’s ridiculous the amount that one baby requires and for us everything multiplies by two. Saving up to 30% on every order of diapers or food and having it delivered within two days is a HUGE deal. But now for the bait and switch…

Amazon got us addicted to the Mom kool-aid and are now trying to make us pay even more than the thousands we already spend on the site. Beginning 2012, Amazon changed its policy and will require “Mom’s” (only those who are already part of the program; if you are new to Amazon Mom, you will still receive the 20% and option of free shipping for a year)  to join their Prime program for $79 per year if we want to retain a 20% discount and free two-day shipping. Don’t get me wrong, $79 isn’t outrageous in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a lot to a family counting each penny twice!

Another outraged mom has started a petition on to hopefully overthrow the new policy and have Amazon bring back the original Mom program. Please sign the petition here to help thousands of families save a little something on necessities. If Netflix and Bank of America charges can be reversed, I believe this can too.

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