Our House

Did anyone just start singing, “in the middle of our street, our house!”. No? Only me? Anywho…

E and I both love vintage and antique furniture (read: heavy wood. And yes, there’s a difference between antique and vintage). We have two replica Eames chairs, a 60’s rosewood dresser in the boys’ nursery, a 70’s reupholstered Flexsteel couch with brass wheels, a mission dining table with mechanics to unfold from 3 ft to 7ft long, a huge bureau bar with mirrored back plate and a 50s oak library desk, to name more than a few.

However, besides the main furniture, our place is a lot more E’s taste. Don’t get me wrong it’s ok, but a lot of recent changes have evolved into a bit of a masculine home (namely due to the gorgeous pipe and wood industrial shelves he built along our living room wall, the new wood/metal console table, the brown leather ottoman, and the rustic shoe organizer in the entryway. See, I’m not really complaining, it’s good stuff).






























[‘scuse the iPhone quality and saturation issues. Also keep in mind these were taken a few months ago, so a few things have changed (i.e. we no longer have the ottoman in the living room, a Joovy has taken its place – now that’s design for you).]

Mostly we’ve struggled to define our style while in a rental, especially because we know we’re only going to be here another year or so before buying our own place. Anyone who rents knows it’s not possible to do everything you dream of doing in your own home, but you do your best with paint, fixtures and furnishings. You hope that the time you have in the transient property will help wheedle out bad design choices you now won’t make in your future home.

It’s what drives all of us to sites like Apartment Therapy or Pinterest, furiously devouring gorgeous spaces and wondering why we don’t have one for ourselves. What I’ve really had a hard time remembering is that those people often have either time or money to get it to the stage we see (not always, I know. Great, inexpensive interior design just comes naturally to some people. Blast them.). That gorgeous place I lust after may be styled for the photo and, more importantly, may have been a few years or even a few different houses in the making.

Either way, I still find myself drooling over places like these and wishing we had a bit more of it going on.

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(Anyone else noticing the theme of whites, greens and blues in these pics? Colors which dare not show their faces in our current living/dining areas?? Not to mention no clutter and all that natural light??? I MUST be dreaming.)

I love blogs like Young House Love or Bower Power for showing that good design evolves and admitting even they’ve had a few bad design choices (like a green shag rug or patriotic-gone-wrong living room color scheme). Of course we look at their places now and think they’re so perfect and wonderful and “geez, that’s gorgeous and wholly Pinterable; why can’t I do that?”. I know it takes time to get a place ‘together’, I suppose I’m just hankering for a change. My college roommate understands… I completely rearranged our dorm room about 6 times the first year.

I do like our place. It’s warm and cozy and pretty damn functional when we ourselves are organized. It has a lot of personality and shows how we managed to merge two different styles together while keeping in mind infant twin boys, a dog and a cat. I suppose I’m just dreaming about lighter walls, patterns, stripes and bolder accents. I’m sick of neutral and craving pops of color. One day, when we have a place to call our own, I know we’ll get to decorate from scratch. For now I’m just going to appreciate our current style and remember it could easily change with a coat of paint, art on the walls and a few pillows.