8 months old

To my little men,

Another month gone and to top it off, we’re into a new year! You both had so much fun over Christmas and New Year despite colds and teething and tons of people in and out of the house.

I’m still amazed by how much you each grow and change; I swear you’re different every day when I get home from work.

There are lots of noises and sounds being learned. Eli, you’re our little screecher; it’s a new thing you love to do, especially when you feel the house is getting too quiet. The pitch and volume you can get out of that little body is astounding and you’ve even learned to freak me out by making ghoul sounds while inhaling. Oliver, you’re our singer; you’re constantly humming or singing little melodies softly until it suddenly turns into loud babble. You also like screaming in the early hours of the morning now, which is LOADS of fun.

You both say Dada now, but we’re not sure if you’re referring to your daddy or the art movement, since we took you to the Hirshhorn last weekend and you saw works by Duchamp (don’t even get us started on that again. Your dad actually believes The Fountain was a work of art. Pshh, you boys will grow up to KNOW BETTER).

Seriously though, we’re impressed by your curiosity and how calm and interested you both were throughout our jaunt through Andy Warhol’s “Shadows” and the Natural History Museum as well. You saw dinosaur fossils and a gorgeous new mammal exhibit with giraffes, lions and even a moose!

http://hirshhorn.si.edu/exhibitions/view.asp?key=1&subkey=511image via Hirshhorn

I’m so happy we’ve got our weekends back now that your dad is working a normal schedule. It means we have time to go on adventures and really explore DC. It’s even getting easier now that we’ve learned you can sit in restaurant high chairs. You don’t always last long, but enough that I can at least order food and chug half my drink, so thank you for that.

excuse the crappy iPhone-low-light-pixels-come-out-and-play photo

You guys get so excited when your dad and I come home from work. You laugh and squeal and cuddle with us in the evenings. You’re also both still trying desperately to crawl. Oliver, you get up on your knees now and sort of rock until you either roll over or launch forward a bit. It also involves a lot of sighing and banging your head on the floor. Eli, I think you’re aiming for the army crawl first, though you now prefer being propped in a sitting position more than anything else and wail when you’re on your belly for too long.












I’m still adjusting to all the new teeth (Oliver, you’ve got both top and bottom front teeth, and Eli you’ve got both bottom and one top tooth!) and have almost lost a finger to those chompers. However, they do mean you’re cleared to start whole steamed vegetables and little bits of meat. I’m also dying to let you try yogurt and Cheerios… maybe this weekend! We found out at the last appointment that you epitomize the term ‘growing like weeds’. You’re both getting really tall and gangly (despite your short parents), your little legs falling down past my hips when I carry you. Oliver, you now weigh 18lbs 4oz and Eli, you’re at 17lbs 11oz — bonkers crazy considering where you started.














I see the world new again through your eyes. Colors and tastes, sounds and smells are all different when I’m teaching them to you. You’re also helping me re-learn EVERY kid song EVER sung in the history of the world. Your favorites are the ABC song (guaranteed to calm down Oliver) and the Animal Fair (Eli’s number one pick), plus all the regular’s like Mary Had A Little Lamb and Itsy Bitsy Spider. All I can say is it’s a good thing I sing to you more than your dad, because somehow he thinks Mary has a spider and Humpty Dumpty went up the spout. Plus, he sings the alphabet in the wrong order with a few numbers thrown in… yeah… I’ll reiterate that your father is not allowed to teach you English.

Anyway, all this is to say you’re both amazing. I can’t wait to see what the next month brings and how much further you’ll be on your way to ‘grown up’.

I love you always,


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  1. They are both growing up too fast. It seems it was only yesterday when they were two months old and I came up and gave mum and daddy a night off. I’m looking forward to coming up in a few weeks to do it again. But I think I’m really going to have my hands full this time! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you all!
    Your loving mother-in-law.

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