Chocolatey Goodness

E and I toyed with the idea of taking a trip this weekend (with Baltimore or Virginia Beach topping the list due to our freaked-out-edness about traveling with the boys for the first time). Road trip? Where can we go where the drive will be shorter than the time between hunger tantrums… (I refuse to sit squashed between two car seats for more than 20 minutes at a time.)

Instead, we’ve decided to save up some extra cash and aim for a short ski trip for our anniversary in February and a trip to Canada with the boys come spring, which leaves us these three days in DC for one of those lovely “staycation’s”. While scouting for ideas, I stumbled across this “Best Hot Cocoa” list on the Washington Post’s Going Out Guide and figured one of the cafe’s would be a great little outing for what looks like a frigid weekend (what did I do to deserve a forecasted high of 39F on a three-day weekend??).

I’m pretty sure I can lure E out (toting the tots in buntings) with one of these majestic choco offerings:

found via Google(image found via Google)

Co Co. Sala

Forget cocktails. The creamy hot cocoas at Co Co. Sala, which come with an artfully placed marshmallow, are the stars come winter. There are a half-dozen in all, including salted caramel, chipotle and the heavenly standout, peanut butter. If you can’t decide, you can always spring for an $8 cocoa flight and choose three.


This Belgian cafe is an oasis of sugar in Adams Morgan. Order a macaroon to pair with a hot cocoa that comes in five deliciously simple varieties. For something truly special, be sure to spike yours with a shot of Belgian espresso.


At Oyamel, pots of Mexican chocolate — ubiquitous at brunch — come spiced with vanilla, cloves and cinnamon. But don’t let the ingredients fool you: This is a drink that’s more kicky than sweet. For even more heat, turn it into a pinch by pouring in a side order of trendy, smoky mescal.

Artfully Chocolate

The 14th Street cafe ACKC closed in early 2012, but you can still find the popular “Divas” hot cocoas at the Artfully Chocolate and Artfully Gifts & Chocolate shops. Each named after a curvy siren of the silver screen, the Divas are heavenly cocoas made for all sorts of tastes, whether you like your hot chocolate thick and dark (go for the Audrey) or sprinkled with wasabi (as in the Ginger Rogers). As a bonus, each day from 5 p.m.-6:30 the diva happy hour slashes the price in half.

The Sweet Lobby

This nook of a Barracks Row bakery offers just one unbelievably thick and rich cocoa, served in the European style. All the better to show off the topping — a house made marshmallow that may come in flavors such as maple bourbon or cardamom — that’s the highlight. For a real indulgence, grab a quirky macaroon or cupcake to pair with your drink.

(Restaurant links and article text pulled from the Washington Post. Check out the full article here.)

If that doesn’t happen due to, oh, the probability of crazy boys and their teething frenzies, I’ll just have to whip up this Orange Hot Chocolate created by Pioneer Woman. Because it looks amazing and I want it so badly.

found via www.pioneerwoman.comphoto via thepioneerwoman

And I might have to add a dollop of Grand Marnier once the boys are in bed and snuggle up with force E to watch Chocolate. Mmm. Hot Chocolate + Johnny Depp = Perfect winter mix.

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