Growing Pains

First of all, Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, rich-in-all-aspects 2012 from all of us.









We had a fantastic few weeks around Christmas and New Year.









E’s parents were here for 5 days and mine for 10, so we had a good long time to catch up with everyone. We spent most of the time just mooching around the house cooking and drinking (love that about holidays). My dad’s birthday is Christmas Eve, so we made roast lamb – one of his favorites – with roast potatoes and veggies. E’s mom (Omi to the boys) made quiches Christmas morning and E cooked prime rib for Christmas dinner, which we rounded out with my family’s tradition of English Christmas pudding!

E bought me these beautiful figurines of twin boys; they are appropriately called “Love in abundance”.

Best of all for E and I, our mothers could not help themselves when it came to the boys. They were constantly holding, feeding, playing with and even changing them… of course now that they’re gone the boys are sorely missing all that extra cuddle time and kisses.









E with Oliver: Omi with Eli: Nana with Oliver

Auntie Susie with Eli

We had a bit of a rough time as Oliver got his first ever cold (a baby coughing is the saddest sound) and Eli got the sniffles a bit too (as did E’s mom, my dad, E, and myself, so everyone in the house was downing more Emergen-C than wine on Christmas Day).

New Year’s Eve was fun because my mom’s birthday is New Year’s Day (yes, both my parents are holiday babies) so we always celebrate right when the clock hits midnight. This year, however, E had to work until 11pm that night; I offered to pick him up to save him the trouble of Metro. We raced back to the house from DC and ran in the door just as the ball dropped 3, 2, 1. I was so crazed and excited about making it home on time that I yelled “Merry Christmas!” as I ran through the door and startled Oliver (hanging out with Nana ((my mom)) due to the blasted cough) so badly he started crying. Oh, man. He got over it quickly enough and we woke up Eli to celebrate for a few minutes with us as well.









Now, however, we’re in the throes of teething. Oliver got his two bottom front teeth in time for Christmas without a lot of screaming, but just popped his top two out this weekend, with ANOTHER two top AND one bottom on the way; he yells about these quite a bit and has decided that sleeping is no longer necessary. To top it off, Eli cut his two front bottom teeth last week without fuss, but now that they’re starting to show, he is NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT.

I still can’t believe how strange it is to see teeth. It seems so sudden and makes me a bit sad, as this is the first noticeable ‘growing up’ milestone they’ve hit. I mean, lifting their heads and rolling over is fun for them, but sometimes they just get stuck on one side or the other and throw tiny tantrums until we turn them over (at which time they immediately work on rolling back the other way. Ah, what fun for them). Then again, they’re really happy babies and all the solid food and scooting around shows they’re certainly gaining back on the two months they missed in utero.

They’re catching up quickly to full-term 7 month old babies. They’re already over 24in tall and 16lbs each. Both are trying to sit up on their own, though it’s impossible to feed them in the Bumbo’s because they’ve discovered their feet and are constantly trying to eat them instead. They’ve discovered the fun of cloth and board books and all sorts of music toys (big thanks to both of our families for getting them educational toys not crazy, annoying ones for Christmas) AND they’re eating solids with almost every meal: oatmeal, veggies, fruit and we’re checking into these mesh feeders/teethers our triplet friends blogged about. I hope our little men will love them as much as the princesses do :)

I know the teeth were bound to happen and of course I’m thrilled they’re growing up healthy; I guess it’s just a sentimental thing. I refuse to get rid of our seventies couch and have dragged it around since my parents gave it to me in college, so why wouldn’t I miss my boys’ gummy smiles!

Penny for your thoughts?