7 Months Old

To my little men,

Early yesterday morning (3:03 and 3:05am to be exact) you boys turned 7 months old. It’s absolutely insane to think that so much time has gone by already! You both have changed so much, continue to change every day and have changed me so much as well.

I took you to a quick check-up yesterday where they gave you your cold and flu shots. Neither of you were happy and took turns trying to burst my ear drums. We found out that Oliver crossed into 17lbs and Eli, you’re following closely in the 16lb range. Far cry from the 3lb 9oz and 3lb 10oz you started at!

This month you’re both learning to eat solid food; we’ve got sweet potato, carrots (Oliver, this is your favorite), winter squash (your favorite, Eli) and peas going on and we’re about to start oatmeal and fruit. You’re very excited about all the new flavors and textures. Oliver, you do a great job of actually eating the food, but I have to say AAAAAAAAHHH to make you open your mouth even a bit to get the spoon in. On the other hand, Eli, you do a fantastic job of opening up every time the spoon comes near, but then tend to dribble veggie mush down your chin. Eventually maybe you’ll teach each other the finer points of dining. Until then, it’s a lot of AAAAAAHHHHHH’s and MMMMMMM’s from me and excited squealing from the two of you. It’s getting increasingly hard to feed you bottles, as you both are trying to figure out how to feed yourselves. A sippy cup is also making the rounds; Oliver, you hold it really well but just chew on the spout, whereas Eli, you refuse to hold it, but can drink the entire cup, no problem.

You both are also wonderful at sleeping through the night… most nights (teething is starting to take its toll). It took us a few months to get here and a lot of sleep-walking on my part back and forth to your room in the middle of the night, but boy, was it worth it. Now if only I could convince myself to go to bed before 2am, I’d get a full night’s sleep.

Crawling isn’t happening yet, but not for lack of trying. Oliver, you refuse to stay on your back and roll over the second I set you down. You’ve figured out that your legs have something to do with moving forward, but can’t seem to get the motion right and get your arms stuck under your chest. Eli, you hate tummy time and instead roll to your back and scoot around using your legs like an upside down caterpillar, often bumping your head into whatever wall or piece of furniture is nearest. I learned recently that the time left to simply let you hang out on the play mat is coming to an end, and you’ll both be moving EVERYWHERE soon.

I can’t wait to see what you learn in the next month and in the coming year. This weekend will be your first Christmas and though you won’t remember it, I know I always will. I hope to never forget my little Buddha burrowing into my neck as I carry you to bed and my Wigglemunch trying to stand on my lap, but pulling your little legs up tight when I lift you even an inch. I treasure your sweet gummy smiles and your crazy giggling and the babbling I hear coming from your cribs during nap time.

I love you both so much and love you more every day.



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