Flying with Kids

Flying with Little Children? Go to the back of the plane.

My two cents:

I fully support children not being allowed to fly in First/Business class. I don’t believe little kids should be taken to fancy restaurants for dinner, so why should they be allowed in the most expensive section of a plane.

I did not know that a parent with a lap child could be seated in a row without an extra oxygen mask. That’s ludicrous. I am appalled that it’s even a possibility. Same with the idea that a child could be seated on their own away from the parents. Fellow passengers, I understand you may be attached to your seat assignment, but please exchange with a parent or child if it helps keep them together. It’s common decency! Plus, you won’t have to deal with any screaming or kicking that may ensue.

To American Airlines, thank you for starting a trend towards helping families get seats together. However, as a mother of twins, I hope you will reconsider your new policy on jogging/heavy strollers (they are now banned from gate check) at least for parents of multiples. Just think, if E and I are traveling alone with the boys, we are each carrying a child at all times, or one is trying to carry both. How we’d go to the restroom or get through security, I don’t know! I can’t even imagine how parents with triplets or more handle it.

I will absolutely post about our experience when we finally take a trip with the boys. I’m aiming for the spring, by which time I hope they will be walking. Absolutely optimistic.

Penny for your thoughts?