Testing out ModPodge

So I managed to get a little break when the boys were napping on Saturday and decided to put it to good use. Forget the laundry and dishes, I had ModPodge to play with!

If you haven’t heard of it, ModPodge is basically a crafter’s dream come true. It’s a gluey substance available in different finishes (matte, glossy, outdoor, etc) that you can use to stick and seal decoupage projects. Check out more thorough descriptions and tons of project ideas here, here and here. Never having used it before, I just wanted a quick project to get my feet wet.

We managed to stain our wood trays (under $20 a piece at TJ Maxx) with water rings over the past few months, so I decided they could use a bit of sprucing up. We also have a gorgeous Mid-Century Modern dresser (our nursery changing table) that had a loose sheet of old patterned paper in the top drawer when we bought it. Since I wasn’t invested in the paper and it certainly wasn’t holding the drawer together,  I re-purposed it for my little Podge-y project.

Steps were pretty easy:

I just pressed the paper into the tray and cut along the edges with a sharp knife (ruler and scissors would have worked just as well for you OCD people out there).

Then I spread a very, very thin layer of Matte ModPodge on the inside of the tray and laid the paper over it, smoothing bubbles out as I went (VERY IMPORTANT TO SMOOTH THE BUBBLES OR YOU WILL FOREVER CURSE THE DAY YOU WERE BORN. Not really. Just kidding. But yes, REALLY. SMOOTH YOUR BUBBLES).

After giving it a couple minutes to stick, I added three more very, very, very thin layers of Podge over the paper leaving it to dry about 5 minutes between each one.

It set nice and firm and would have* cured fully over the next day or two (and should have been moisture proof, though I think I’ll get Hard Coat ModPodge for similar projects in the future).

I thought it turned out cute, but decided to do only one of the trays, which is why the first shot shows one with handles, but the finished product is a little square one.

(p.s.) *Erich hated the paper pattern. He said it looked like old peas and carrots when he got home from work, so I scraped out the paper (just took a sharp knife and patience) and will try again another time with a more modern pattern. Or perhaps lace. Or a mercury glass pane. Oooh, yes. Gotta love such a flexible medium that dries fast and clear, but is pretty undo-able for a couple hours.

Penny for your thoughts?